Interview with Pamela

Pamela has agreed to the intense questioning that is PenPals. Well, more accurately she agreed to play along and I’m happy to have her here! I should warn you though, do not drink coffee while reading this. Well, don’t drink anything. And after you subscribe to her, get in the habit of not reading her while eating or drinking. If you do not heed this warning, you’re taking your life or at least your keyboard into your own hands.

Pamela is having a baby! She also writes amazing posts that get her hate mail. I am jealous of the hate mail. I must be like milk toast. Maybe that’s a New Year’s resolution? Get some hate mail.

Back to Pamela… Pamela these are my followers! Followers this is your fellow follower, Pamela.

Would you classify your online existence as transparent or compartmentalized? Why? Is it by design or just the evolution of your actual life?

I knew you were going to ask this question, and I’ve been trying to figure out the answer. I think the best way to answer this is to say that the compartments of my life that I share on the interwebs are transparent.  I don’t share all of the things going on in my life. I did a post recenly about my daughter having a tough time transitioning to Kindergarten, but it was guarded, and I didn’t put in all of the details and the ensuing alcoholism.  The stuff I rant about is stuff that I would complain about to my girls; yes, I did vote for Barack Obama;  yes, that one family of neighbors are jerks; and no, I would never make up stories about poop for fun, all scatological references are based on real-life events.

Who are you in real life?

I’m Jon’s wife, and Olivia’s, Jack’s, and Henry’s mama.  Also Sweets, who is currently swimming around happily in my uterus.  I like the word uterus.  I went to school to be a music teacher, but I found out that my guidance counselor in high school was full of shit (can I say bad words, C? – edited to fix the naughty word) and had no idea what the effityeff he was talking about when he told me I would be a fabulous teacher.  I think what he meant to say was You would be a fabulous teacher if you developed a serious drinking problem, and a part-time recreational meth habit. But that was before meth was all popular and stuff, and he probably didn’t think he should point me in the direction of his dealer.  Anyway.  So now I stay at home with my short people, and I pretend I am a master chef.  A few of my friends call me about cooking/baking questions all the time, and one of them told me I was the Resident Master Chef of our snobby little clique of mamas group of friends.  I have had a big head ever since, so large, in fact, that it was not even deflated after I burned the bottoms of the pumpkin muffins we had for breakfast.

Also?  I don’t think I’m all that funny just walking around in my shoes.  I also cannot comprehend irony.  Although Jon tells me that is ironic.  But I don’t get it.

Are you going to find out the flavor of the baby before his/her entrance into the world?

I think we are.  We didn’t find out what Olivia was, and that was fun and surprising.  I was convinced she was a boy.  I was so convinced that, upon her arrival, Jon exclaimed, IT’S AN OLIVIA!!!!! And I lifted up my head a little and said, Look again.  I’m sure she’s a boy. With both of the boys we found out, and I think we will again.  We are terribly fond of smooth transitions here, and giving the children as much information about what’s coming as we are able, and knowing might make it easier.

What’s an ideal day for you look like?

I would like to sleep until I wake up.  And I would like to drink a proper cup of coffee while it is still hot.  And I would eat an everything bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, despite how not actually good bagels are for you.  Or me.  My house would be clean when I wake up, and nobody would poop their pants, and I would not have to do laundry because the laundry fairy would wave his or her wand (I’ve never met the laundry fairy, so I’m not sure if he’s a he or she’s a she).  And I could do whatever I felt like doing at the moment, like, maybe have an adult conversation without interruption, or go to the bathroom alone.  And I would take about a twelve hour nap.  Nobody would shout or punch their siblings in the head.

I could go on and on.

What do you blog about?

I blog about my kids (oh, don’t groan, please). For a while I was all jacked up on politics, but thank heaven that’s over.  I play Wordless Wednesday most weeks.  Sometimes I write about how I want to RUNNOFT with my French Press much I love my husband.

Last week I wrote a post about going to Target, and included a bit about Colm Wilkinson and Colm Meany and Star Trek DS9 and Les Miserables, and how a woman was shaving her chin while sitting in a carload of people in the Target parking lot.  All in the same post.  I’m not sure you can pin down that kind of blogging.

When did you begin blogging?

Almost a year ago.  My first post was on November 30, 2007.  You can read it, if you want. Nobody else has read it, except for Jon.

What does blogging do for you?

So much of my life is doing the same thing over and over.  I make the same kids get out of bed.  I wipe the same ass(es), cook the same breakfast, field the same complaints, do the same laundry, clean up the same puddle of pee…it can get to be a little overwhelming and not so much fun.  I’m just going to speak for myself here, although I’ve heard other people say the same thing.  I have a really hard time getting out of a rut.  I am not so good at changing my attitude.  And I can be miserably bitchy.

Blogging gives me the opportunity to vent, to poke fun at myself and the rest of the nouns around me; to give a stage to the thoughts that are in my head, so that they’re someplace I can go to visit them to remind myself of myself.

And if that weren’t enough, there is a community of bazillions of people all over the world, who all are in the same boat.  Sure, you may work outside the home, and he’s a gay guy from Jersey, and she lives in England with her 8,000 cats, but pretty much everybody is the same, no matter who, or what, or where.  It’s nice to know that.

Do your day-to-day in-person friends read you? If not, why not? If so, do they say much to you about it?

I’m not sure. A couple of my friends from MOPS all have blogs, we all read each other and we talk about it.  Sitemeter tells me there a lot of visits from towns that are close in proximity to me, but I’m not clever enough to figure out who my stalkers are.  Which is probably good, because I don’t have the time to stalk my stalkers, and I totally would stalk them.  My brother in Virginia gets me in his reader (he told me so), my other brother reads me and sometimes comments, my mom doesn’t read my blog, but she does read my other brother’s blog (not the VA brother).  One friend WON’T read my blog because she is totally anti-blog for some reason or another.

Have you ever taken down a post? If yes, without divulging your inner-most secret, can you say why?

Yes.  I have taken down two posts.  One was about my husband’s former boss, and it was called something like All Hail, Captain Bobby Asshat!  The guy was a total jerk, and that right there is the understatement of the century.  Also, I wrote a post about The Mom Friend Who Is The First To Tell You You’re Parenting Wrong, and how she had a momentary lapse in her mad skillz at a local establishment…I pulled that one, too.

Do you check your stats? If so, what are you looking for?

I do check my stats.  I just can’t believe that people read me.  I don’t even know what I’m looking for.  I just click the buttons, and visit other people’s blogs, and shake my head.

And one time, while I was checking my stats, I discovered a bunch of naughty toy wholesalers (not Naughty Toys, just naughty people) who were trying to find Naughty Pictures.  I also like to know how many men search the googles every day for information on how to seduce your wife.  I get at least five or six a day.

But really, I am just surprised people read me.  Feedburner tells me I have 50 readers.  WHA?!?!?!?  It’s so weird to me.

If you could make one rule for the Internet what would it be?

No pictures of kids.  And I think you know WHAT KIND OF PICTURES I’M TALKING ABOUT.  None of THOSE pictures.  People can be nasty all day long, and say terrible things, and whatever.  As adults, we can put on our Grown-up Pants and get over it.

Those kids?  They will never recover from the abuse they are suffering.

What do you think your blog will be like in 5 years?

I have no idea.  I can’t imagine I will ever run out of things to say.  I think my husband will be happy to confirm that.  In five years, all my kids will be in school (unless I jump on the crazy train and homeschool…must be time to start drinking…).  I will probably be looking for some form of gainful employment.  Maybe our cats will be dead, and I will be able to get the health department to certify my kitchen, and I’ll be a pro baker.  That would be sweet.

My Virginia Brother tells me that the Era of The Blog is ending, according to Wired Magazine.  If he’s right, I will probably still be blogging, because sibling rivalry never dies, so there!

Do you have secret talents?

Hmmmm….I don’t even know.  I am pretty kick-ass in the kitchen.  If you give me something to read in another language, I can read it with very precise diction.  If my French Press and I ran off together, I could be a newscaster in another country.

What do you wish I asked? Ask and answer:

The question:  What can I get you for Christmas, Pamela?

Oh, Catherine, how thoughtful!  You don’t have to get me a present!  But if an iPod or other similar toy showed up in my PO Box, I’d be crazy happy!


Thanks Pamela! I appreciaite you spending time over here.

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  1. Pamela, 26. November 2008, 5:19

    It’s funny you gave the No Coffee Warning. I have been told that drinking coffee while reading the dayton time is dangerous. Thanks for having me!

    Pamelas last blog post..this is serious, people. really.

  2. The Mister, 26. November 2008, 19:30

    What a good idea to do interviews. I tried to get a guest post thing going but didn’t have much luck. Maybe I’ll try that next. You were great Babe!

    The Misters last blog post..Factoids Abound