Hand Turkey


I made a hand turkey just for you! This really was harder than imagined. My laptop has a little button controller between the G, H and B keys (I think it might could be called a nipple). I held my hand on the screen and then traced it. Then! I used the awesome spray can tool in MS Paint v 5.1 SP 3.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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  1. Halimah, 27. November 2008, 14:02

    lol! you are such a wingnut! i see you’ve been taking lessons from the children!

    happy thanksgiving! heading to S.O’s sister’s around the corner to gorge. lots of happy skiers at work today. …. hope they stay that way all weekend.

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  2. Melissa, 27. November 2008, 20:45

    Awww…how cute! For me? Thank you so much!

  3. Kelly O, 30. November 2008, 5:56

    You are so endlessly adorable.

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  4. Grandy, 3. December 2008, 0:20

    I’m impressed with your mad skills!!

    Hope your turkey day was a good one. :)

    Grandys last blog post..The Sweet Old Man