I didn’t realize how tired I was, how stressed out, how on-edge. When I wasn’t listening to NPR I was surfing CNN or HuffPost or MOMocrats. But last night? Last night I went to bed when the kids did. And I slept a peaceful sleep. This morning, I gripped the steering wheel a little less and there were tunes instead of news coming out of my radio. That’s not to say I’m reverting back to my head in the sand ways, but it’s nice to be able to relax on my way to work instead of inventorying my house for my move to Canada.

This morning, this is what lifted my spirits.

If you need more music, Wreke’s theme for NaBloPoMo is Blatantly Bad 70s Music.

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  1. Pamela, 6. November 2008, 9:15

    great vid. and i *did* make the fake fudge, and shared it with my friends. they asked for the recipe, and that’s why i’m so alone right now. they never came back.

    Pamelas last blog post..wordless wednesday

  2. Lynn, 6. November 2008, 10:28

    Seems you have guessed the song that was playing on my iPod when I pushed Ethan out into this world. This is one song that just lifts my spirits and makes me do what needs to be done…

    You should make this your theme song for the next 4 years as your new goal should be to rally the troops into Service…. something I’ve been thinking about lately.

    Lynns last blog post..Hello Switch Witch! Goodbye Sugar.

  3. Kelly O, 6. November 2008, 11:50

    Oh man, I hear you. I’ve been freaking out in a quiet, internal way (and sometimes loudly, to anyone who will listen) for months. Wheeeeeeew.

    Kelly Os last blog post..Can you feel a brand new day?

  4. Halimah, 6. November 2008, 14:34

    I fell asleep at 8pm last night – woke up to put The Minion to bed at 9:30 and slept the sleep of the truly mentally exhausted till 6am. It’s like a huge freaking sugar crash. I almost feel liquid in comparison to the last weeks…months…years?

  5. Chris, 6. November 2008, 21:36

    Funny- I too went to bed earlier last night and slept a lot better!

  6. Abbey, 8. November 2008, 16:46

    …aaaaand THAT was AWESOME!!

    Abbeys last blog post..Thankful – Day 8