Change, It’s Real

This is CNN‘s electoral map calculator.

Some notable changes since Wednesday: ND (3) turned yellow (meaning it is battle-ground) from light red (leaning R), AZ (10) turned light red from dark red and LA (9) turned dark red. So, two states have moved to the left and one moved to the right. It’s still a 4 electoral college count increase for Obama if those states continue moving to the left.

If you have not early voted, remember Tuesday is THE DAY. As KellyGO put it

A lot of us are getting ready to cast our vote. If, next Tuesday, it’s sleeting outside and some of the roads are closed and you’re hungover and all nine of your kids are sick and you’d have to call your mother to watch the kids while you go to the polls and she’ll never let you forget how you should have listened to her and married that guy with the minivan, SUCK IT UP AND DO IT ANYWAY. This is a close election, and nobody has won it yet. Remember Florida, Y2K? Your vote matters, yes it does.

So, if those words don’t motivate you what will? Free treats? Not only will you get a coveted I Voted sticker, you can take it to Krispy Kreme for a free donut! Ben & Jerry’s is giving free scoops on election day too.

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. Halimah, 1. November 2008, 18:29

    Omg ~ I didn’t notice the yellow! How could I have missed it in my obsessed state of mind?

    I love Ben and Jerry’s. I have yet to go to the plant up in Waterbury though. Is that kind of like living in NYC and not going to the Empire State building?

    Halimahs last blog post..I Feel Validated!

  2. Jaime, 3. November 2008, 23:01

    Starbucks is also giving away free cups of coffee to voters tomorrow!

  3. Kelly O, 4. November 2008, 14:12

    Not to be all smug, but I voted today. After standing in a long line. In the rain.

    Hells yeah. I’m hardcore like that.

    Kelly Os last blog post..I wanna be sedated