Stack Cats

A lovely reader asks, oh where oh where could my P.A. be? I reply, Hai! lovely reader that I merely made up as a device for some comedic relief – I have been … well, scattered. I think my shit is glued back together. We’ll see. But! In early October I went to a conference of smart women. Here’s a picture from my drive:

Pretty, right?

And this is what smart women draw on white boards when left unattended:

I wish I could take credit for this. I will forever remember it when someone asks for an example of a palindrome. Although these are good too.

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. Abbey, 26. October 2008, 22:05

    FANTASTIC PICTURE!! Fingers crossed that I will be there for fall next year!!!!!

    Abbeys last blog post..Who Dropped a House on my Sister? Was it You??

  2. Halimah, 27. October 2008, 5:51

    The Minion loves palindromes~ he’s such an odd 11 year old.

    Halimahs last blog post..I Need To Have His Children

  3. melissaz, 28. October 2008, 7:24

    Such pretty foliage. Sigh….the only way the trees change color here is during a drought.

    I love the little drawing, too. At the school where I sub, I am known as the “cat lady” because I’m always drawing a little “stick cat” next to my name on the board. They little guys think it is hysterical. :)

    And *I* noticed you were gone. But I’ve been taking a little bloggy break myself before Nablo starts this week.

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