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I am a creature of habit. I think it’s my defense mechanism for analysis paralysis. Completely unrelated to the pictures below, I heard on NPR a few weeks back a woman who researched happiness. She determined that the happiest people are those that are satisfied. Those that have a set of requirements for, say, pasta sauce and as soon as they find a jar that meets those requirements they purchase it. They do not continue to look at pasta sauces. Why would they? They have one that meets all their needs.

My pumpkin patch experience is like that. There are more patches around here. Some even closer than the one we have gone to for the last five years. But I like this one. We will go here until Audrey leaves for college.

(The above anecdote should not leave the reader with the idea that the author does not suffer from analysis paralysis. She does. Too often.)

Back to the pretty pictures. Baby Elliot was a little chub of baby, with rosy cheeks because of eczema and a moist kiss because of the drool. Two-year old Elliot is totally excited that he can do basically whatever he wants because mommy can’t catch him, what with that baby sister of his strapped to her front side. 2006 was good, everyone could walk. 2007 Audrey figures out it was funny to poke her belly button in pictures. And this year? This year they look like KIDS. Good grief, when did that happen?

I just noticed, they upgraded the sign this year. Now there are cornstalks tied to the posts that hold up the sign. That? That’s classy. And that’s why we’ll be back next year. And the year after.

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  1. Real Life Fairy Tale Princess, 28. October 2008, 7:48

    That is just too adorable. We’re on year 1 (Halloween #2). I can’t wait!!!

    Real Life Fairy Tale Princesss last blog post..My New Stalkee

  2. Grandy, 28. October 2008, 13:12

    Way too cool pics!! Cute!!

    Grandys last blog post..Goin’ Pink for the "GIRLS"

  3. Lynn, 28. October 2008, 15:50

    Getting so Big!

    Lynns last blog post..Religulous

  4. Halimah, 28. October 2008, 16:14

    You are so good like this. Are their babybooks up to date too? I still have bags of unsorted photos from Infanthood, Toddlerhood and whatever he was between then and now. I’m so lame.

    baby books? is that the thing that I taped a strand of hair in? hmmm, interesting.

    My photos are not tagged, so when I want one I have to go looking for it. Just the other day I was realizing I hadn’t taken video of either kid in a long time. We used to fill a tape in 3-6 months (I have no idea what’s on them) and now? 18 months.

    So, uhm, yeah … I got lucky this time.

  5. Halimah, 28. October 2008, 19:52

    You weren’t supposed to admit to non-supermom-ness…lol.

    Halimahs last blog post..His Pajamas Are Blue

  6. Tracie, 28. October 2008, 20:27

    So sweet! I am going to take myself to a find a new pumpkin patch this year!

    Tracies last blog post..Just what the doctor ordered!

  7. Chris, 29. October 2008, 12:17

    LOVE this post! What a great idea. I need to turn my always in a rut but produces nothing worthwhile habit into a creature of habit who has brilliant ideas. How do I do that?

    Chriss last blog post..Political Question (not about the election)

  8. Rosie, 2. November 2008, 23:35

    I have found the spaghetti sauce that meets my needs: Muir Glen Organics.

    Rosies last blog post..We are awesome, we are great! We’re the class of ‘88!!