Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty

Blog Action Day is giving me, and anyone else that would like to participate, the opportunity to blog about poverty. They have two immediate goals: raise awareness and raise money. For blogs that generate revenue they ask you to donate your proceeds from October 15. Pink Asparagus does not generate revenue. So for every distinct commenter to this post from now to October 15 I will donate $1 (cap to be determined) to my local food bank in Blog Action Day’s name (yes, it was Kiva, but as I started writing this I took a new perspective). Comment. Tell your friends to comment. Be part of the discussion.

Poverty is hunger. Poverty is lack of shelter. Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a doctor. Poverty is not having access to school and not knowing how to read. Poverty is not having a job, is fear for the future, living one day at a time. Poverty is losing a child to illness brought about by unclean water. Poverty is powerlessness, lack of representation and freedom (World Bank).

When I was in elementary school my friends had free and reduced lunches. Their families looked like mine: single working parent; I was the only only-child I knew though. I asked my mom why I didn’t get my lunch for free like my friends. She put it simply, we were lucky. We were lucky that she had a good job. We were lucky that she could afford to pay for my lunch. Being a kid, I probably thought they were the lucky ones, they didn’t have to remember to bring three quarters to school every day.

We were fortunate.

In our current school district today, a family of four has to have an annual income below $39,220 to qualify for free/reduced lunch. Elementary lunch in my district costs $2.10. If you have two kids in school and they eat school lunch 60% of the time, that’s $12.60/week. You’re looking at about $50/month. My basic math leads me to believe that there are too many families that would benefit from this service and are ineligible.

Poverty isn’t something that just happens to someone else in some other country. Your children know kids that are living in poverty. Every day. Every night there are American children going to bed with empty tummies. Every morning there are parents sending their children off to school wondering where they’ll find the money for dinner tonight.

We have to be the change we want to see. We have to make a choice that social programs work. Help me put my money where my mouth is. Comment. Anything. Leave your links to your own Blog Action Day posts.

Poverty is a broad topic. This post has been written and rewritten a few times. I wish I could speak eloquently to poverty in America. Maybe that’s your role? Maybe you have those words? Be part of the discussion.

edited (10/13/08): I’ve removed the $100 cap for my own donation. That’s not to say it’s unlimited, but I thought $100 was adventureous when I originally wrote this post. We’ve surpassed it and I’d like to see a good thing continue.

With the $100 cap, commenter Shannon and author Shauna Glenn are matching and donating it to their local food banks.

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  1. Easton Ellsworth, 24. September 2008, 7:49

    We’ll go first! We are Blog Action Day 2008 and we’ve invited as many people as we can to come join this discussion. Every person can make a difference.

    Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  2. Archit, 24. September 2008, 7:52

    Hats off to you for taking up this initiative!

    I’ll be blogging about the Blog Action Day on my blog too!


  3. James Paden, 24. September 2008, 7:52

    Great idea – thanks for taking action!

    James Padens last blog post..Defining this Blog: Web Design Business Help & Advice

  4. Gilbert, 24. September 2008, 7:54

    A good idea, and a valid point that poverty is not just in other countries. Its right on your doorstep wherever you go.

    Here is my support :-)

  5. Stefano, 24. September 2008, 8:00

    Great initiative!

    IMHO I agree with your ideas.

    I’m also from a fortunate family, and I just can’t stand the fact that people in our world actually die from hunger… It’s not racional to believe that we can achieve so much, yet, so little…

    Good luck

  6. Marnie B, 24. September 2008, 8:00

    This is a fantastic idea.

    I know up until recently poverty was just a word to me. I mean, I knew what it was and how horrible it must be, but it’s one of those words that we hear from time to time and don’t dwell on too much. But this year’s BAD got me thinking about how horrible it really must be.

    I whine that I don’t have new clothes or that my purse is falling apart. I get upset when there’s no hot water to have a shower or that my rent is due. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for people who have no shower or no home to pay rent on or simply a bit of rag as a piece of clothing.

    We have no right to complain.

  7. Doug C., 24. September 2008, 8:17

    I think the best person to speak for the poor is one who knows their plight first hand – Jesus Christ. We are not only impoverished by lack of food, jobs, or money, but in our spirits as well.

    “…for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’

    “Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? 38 When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’” (Matthew 25:35-40)

    It is our responsibility to take care of the poor among us by clothing, feeding, and spreading the Good News among them. Be a witness for Christ today. I know I need to be, because in the past I have not. And as The Word of God warns…

    “Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor
    Will also cry himself and not be heard.” (Proverbs 21:13)


  8. Christina, 24. September 2008, 8:47

    Poverty is a lot closer to people than they think. Especially with the economic situation these days. I make what on paper looks like a pretty impressive salary. I know that 10 years ago I thought it was a lot! Now..not so much. My c/c balances are too high by far because said salary does not cover anything more than the basics. Emergencies require plastic. I do put away a little bit every month to cover annual expenses and retirement, but not as much as I should. The idea of buying lunch at school for my 7th grader actually was not an option! It’s cheaper to bring food from home. Sort of. Sigh…

    I’m glad you are helping out!

  9. Helen Hoefele, 24. September 2008, 8:48

    What a great idea to raise money and awareness! I, too, will be participating in Blog Action Day. And, it is so true that this is something that we know about yet we rarely give much attention to. I admit that I have been really unsure how I could contribute anything meaningful to the conversation about poverty since I’m finding that I’m much more ignorant about the subject [and about what I (we) can do about it] than I realized. I guess I’ll start by raising my own awareness first. Thanks for the inspiring post!

    Helen Hoefeles last blog post..Is Fighting For Solutions the Only Answer?

  10. michael | buttons of hope, 24. September 2008, 9:16

    Cat, Great Idea … and now how about free Blog Action Day buttons for your 100 commenters!

    Blog Action Day is a powerful initiative but the magic is in creative people like you who take the idea and run with it — I have partnered with Blog Action Day (BAD) to provide the official BAD 2008 buttons!

    So lets turn your $1 into three — the first 100 readers of your blog who also comment on my blog Behind the Button will receive a free Blog Action Day button!

    Simply comment on my Blog Action Day post and then email your snail mail address and I will mail you a free button! Or if you choose to purchase a button I will increase my donation by a $1 to $3 to benefit BAD charities!

    michael | buttons of hopes last blog post..(You) Can.

  11. Colleen/FoodieTots, 24. September 2008, 9:16

    Great post. I’m still trying to decide what to do for my Blog Action Day post, great idea to donate to your local food bank.

    Colleen/FoodieTotss last blog post..Creamy Apple Celery Soup

  12. Lauren Scime, 24. September 2008, 9:26

    I think this is a great idea, to use your blog, which normally does not generate revenue, as a means of raising money to help the cause. Kudos!

    You should also consider donating some time at your local food bank as well. Soup kitchens, food banks and other social service nonprofits constantly need volunteers, so even donating a couple hours a month can make a big difference…

    And besides, the more contact we have with people of less fortunate socioeconomic backgrounds, the greater understanding we will have for their situation.

  13. Tyler, 24. September 2008, 10:26

    Nice work!

  14. Praveen, 24. September 2008, 13:11

    good initiative..
    kudos to u:)
    best of luck..

    Praveens last blog post..Inspector Sharma-India salutes you

  15. shauna, 24. September 2008, 13:45

    no one should go to bed hungry…ever.

    shaunas last blog post..would you shit in your own mouth?

  16. Meg, 24. September 2008, 13:51

    In countries like the US – and my home, New Zealand – it is too easy to think that ‘real’ poverty happens somewhere else. It seems easier to ignore the poor in our own back yards and even blame them for their poverty in the midst of plenty, than it is to admit that we have some responsibilty for their plight and to take action.

    Megs last blog post..September Update from SALVEASERRA

  17. Halimah, 24. September 2008, 17:46

    My 81 year old mother recently qualified for food stamps and fuel assistance. This is something she never thought she would have to do. All the savings she and my father worked so hard for are gone. Nursing homes that didn’t take insurance after operations, daily caregiver expenses, and basic needs. It’s all gone. My middle class mother never thought she would be considered poverty level. But she knows she is lucky – she still has a home. She hasn’t had to choose between buying her medications and paying the light bill – yet.

    Halimahs last blog post..Five

  18. Kelsee, 24. September 2008, 18:19

    Wow Cat! I am glad you chose to write about poverty at home. So often people are so quick to end “world” hunger, we forget about the kids (adults) who don’t get to eat here in the United States.

    When I was elementary school I was always mad that the schools never closed for snow days. I was so angry that the “rich” district next to my school district got school off because there was flurries it seemed like. It wasn’t until I was student teaching in the same district I had attended that I learned why. If the district had called a snow day too many children would not eat, AT ALL! And if the snow day was on a Friday or Monday that would mean a child would not eat for 3 or more days. The free and reduced lunch program fed more than 60% of the district breakfast and lunch. Imagine no meals for three days.
    Thanks for the reminder how lucky we are.

  19. Pamela, 24. September 2008, 18:39

    I will be doing a Blog Action Day post, but it’s still forming up in my noggin. The free lunch thing is scary. I taught in an elementary school in the Cleveland (OH) City School District, and had cafeteria duty for the breakfast time. To see those poor babies cramming food into their mouths, and begging for more–it broke my heart. I wanted to take them all home and wash their faces and make them peanut butter sandwiches.

    We even had school in the dead of winter when the boiler was broken in the school because the children would have been home alone with no food. At least they were in school with their hats, mittens and coats on (the teachers made sure they all had those things), and two hot meals in their bellies.

    Pamelas last blog post..wordless wednesday: perfect form

  20. Geoff Girardin, 25. September 2008, 5:56

    Wow, wonderful idea! It’s very nice and encouraging when I see someone doing this, -in addition- to writing up a while post for Blog Action Day.

    You picked a great way to talk about poverty – kids. That’s something that, while it is constantly being talked about in other countries, the children in Africa and such, we never hear about less fortunate children right here at home.

    Inspiring words!

    Geoff Girardins last blog post..Reunited.

  21. Donald Kelly, 25. September 2008, 5:58

    I (along with the other commenters.) will be participating in Blog Action Day. Not to the extent that you are, but participating none the less. During the time that I was in Primary/Secondary school I also wondered about the ‘divide’ if you will between the two and only a few years after I left for a higher grade level did my mum explain that to me. I think your post does a brilliant job and reminding many of us at how lucky we are.

    Donald Kellys last blog post..“Lets Rock” press event, 24 Hours later.

  22. Stephen Jackson, 25. September 2008, 6:11

    Great idea. My teenage daughter pointed out to me how long the lines are at food pantry kitchens in NYC and the people in these lines are all not homeless, too many working poor. Many people are working for the city and are qualifying for food stamps and standing in food lines.

    There is also a growing number of homeless teenagers in our area. This kind of action will assist in stopping it before it gets worse

  23. Mitchell Hislop, 25. September 2008, 6:31

    my post is still forming, but yours really inspiried me. Poverty is a huge issue, and it is largly ignored. I am glad I can be a part of blog action day and bring it to the front of peoples minds.

    Mitchell Hislops last blog post..Twins Game Fun

  24. Abbey, 25. September 2008, 11:32

    Beautifully said. It’s sad that so many families that need help aren’t getting it because they don’t “technically” qualify.

    Also, I’m happy to see that something is being done to help the people in THIS country who need it. Don’t get me wrong, I think help across the world is a very good thing. But don’t you think we should be helping our own country before we try to save the rest of the world?

    Abbeys last blog post..Alice in Wonderland…

  25. Chris Shouse, 25. September 2008, 11:41

    Just heard about this and am excited will be glad to do some blog posts about the thing that sucks most in the world.

    Chris Shouses last blog post..Summerlin Saturday September 13th 2008

  26. Rosie, 25. September 2008, 18:09

    I’m impressed with your blog and your initiative. Count me in!

    Rosies last blog post..Huh. Well, that’s more like it.

  27. FriarTuck, 26. September 2008, 11:20

    I’m surpised you don’t have 100 posts already. You seem to have to have it pretty well covered. But I think, though you mentioned lack of shelter, you missed inadequate clothing. ;-)

    FriarTucks last blog post..Say Hello to my Little Poll

  28. Milton Ramirez, 26. September 2008, 17:54

    It’s interesting to see how touching are posts that are not talking about our daily activities or careers. I just came from Doug Cloud’s post to find a even better one. Let me tell you, that many kids in the US are, at this same time, receiving ‘free’ lunch for the same reason your mom at that time just told you.

    Great post and a good idea.

    Milton Ramirezs last blog post..Education Equality Project Vs. the Bolder, Broader Approach

  29. Rebecca, 26. September 2008, 21:39

    I think this is a great idea and I want to be a small part of it by leaving a comment. I will also be thinking about what I can do for Blog Action Day. Thanks for getting the word out!

    Rebeccas last blog post..102 Minutes That Changed America

  30. Álvaro, 27. September 2008, 6:43

    You have written a very moving post.
    I will participate in Blog Action Day and congratulate you for you blog and this initiative.

    Álvaros last blog post..¿Quienes se lucran de la guerra colombiana?

  31. Sam Parkinson, 28. September 2008, 14:40

    Talking about poverty in America is something I hadn’t though of when writing up my post for Blog Action Day, come to speak of it, poverty in developed countries I totally forgot to mention.

    Thanks, great post, I’ll try and get something in now :P

  32. Veronica Domeier, 29. September 2008, 11:56

    Kuddos to you! What an inspiring idea!

  33. Marilyn Pratt, 29. September 2008, 12:12

    I’m finding that even the most affluent towns in our state (NJ) have shelters, safe houses for battered women, and day-care centers for the children of the working poor. My daughters volunteered us a number of times this year to choose an evening, bring ingredients and make a meal to share with families in local shelters. My youngest signed us up to stay an overnight as well. We also discovered that we could spend time (in very close proximity to our own home) painting and fixing a place that shelters families. Spending quality time with your children while helping others is a double reward. Thanks for reminding us that we have plenty of work in our own backyards

  34. prisca, 29. September 2008, 13:06

    What a great idea – making the world a better place – bit by bit :-)

    priscas last blog post..Coaching for life

  35. Ejang, 29. September 2008, 18:19

    Great post, I’ll try and get something to do, Right now.

  36. Kelly O, 30. September 2008, 11:03

    Awesome. You totally rock.

    Kelly Os last blog post..19 ways of looking at a KellyGO

  37. Pink Asparagus » Out of Pocket (Pingback), 1. October 2008, 9:19

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  38. Grandy, 1. October 2008, 23:25

    Oh my, what a wonderful thing you’re doing!! I will try to get a post up this week linking back to you and this my bloggy friend. :)

    How noble. I’m so proud.

    Our lunches are $3.00 a day. I know that’s a struggle for some of the families here.

    Grandys last blog post..A New Play Toy

  39. Shannon Renee, 2. October 2008, 10:58

    I have so much, how could I not participate. I’m glad to do my part and will match your total raised (up to $100) and give it to a local non-profit here (Washington, DC).

  40. This Military Mama, 2. October 2008, 10:58

    I was one of the lucky ones as a kid too and didn’t even know it. Now that I am a mom these concerns come up all the time. While my family and I are blessed, we know there are others out there struggling.

    Thanks for shedding light on this topic. I am going to go research food banks in my area that we can donate too.

  41. james wallace, 2. October 2008, 11:01

    Well Good For YOu (GFY) I am happy to write a comment to get another $1 to some hungry people.

  42. Beth, 2. October 2008, 11:24

    Thanks for writing about poverty. It gets ignored so often.

    Beths last blog post..Wandering around Uptown

  43. Pat, 2. October 2008, 12:38

    I’m going to blog for Action Day too.

    And lunch in our elementary school is $3.25. Ack, that’s expensive.

  44. Pat, 2. October 2008, 12:39

    I’m going to blog for Action Day too.

    And lunch in our elementary school is $3.25. Ack, that’s expensive.

    Pats last blog post..links for 2008-10-01

  45. Ankesh Kothari, 2. October 2008, 12:42

    This is an awesome gesture. Thanks for doing your small part to make this world a better place!

  46. Rodrigo, 2. October 2008, 12:46


  47. Joshua, 2. October 2008, 12:47

    Thanks for the inspiration. I just figured out what I’m doing to do for BAD … hehe.

    Joshuas last blog post..Big Jason vs. John Chow

  48. Joseph @ Debit versus Credit, 2. October 2008, 12:58

    Thanks so much for being a part of Blog Action Day. I’m also participating in it and I’ve been working on some ideas for how I want to help. Keep up the great work!

  49. Carla, 2. October 2008, 12:59

    Great idea!! Very… VERY inspiring!!!

  50. McMommy, 2. October 2008, 13:00

    Found this via a twit on twitter! Great idea!

  51. Michael Martin, 2. October 2008, 13:03

    Great idea! It’s getting close now. :D

    Michael Martins last blog post..25 Ways to Spice Up Blog Post Photos

  52. sikkdays, 2. October 2008, 13:18

    Amazing display of generosity and participation. Blog Action Day is a great way to organize, but so many of us share our concerns and then get back to the hustle & bustle of life without a second thought. Your promise to donate is an inspiration as every bit counts, thank you for allowing us to contribute.

  53. Heidi Estrin, 2. October 2008, 13:31

    What a lovely idea! Thanks for giving others a way to participate.
    I had the chance to interview BAD organizer Cyan Ta’eed for my podcast, and I’ll be posting it as part of a Blog Action Day episode on 10/15 at

  54. Stephen Jackson, 2. October 2008, 13:36

    Great idea and an excellent way to allow people to conduct a random act of kindness

  55. sforshner, 2. October 2008, 13:45

    Great idea, very inspiring.

    sforshners last blog post..britain for pizza

  56. Jeffrey Way, 2. October 2008, 13:51

    That’s very sweet of you to do something like this. All the best!

    Jeffrey Ways last blog post..Google Enters the Browser Wars with Chrome

  57. Denise, 2. October 2008, 15:19

    Thanks for your sharing a story of poverty at the local level, and thanks for the donation idea. I don’t have my own blog, but I play on social media and follow many blogs, so I’ve been interested to see what’s developing around Blog Action Day. Thanks for being creative and challenging us to think about an important topic.

  58. Lex, 6. October 2008, 7:22

    Cool idea!

  59. Nindya, 6. October 2008, 7:23

    I have so many thoughts about poverty, especially since Indonesia still has so many poor people here. I support you and Blog Action Day 2008 :) Good luck and stay strong :) I’m joining the movement and surely I will blog about poverty at October 15 :)

    Nindyas last blog post..Dialog Aktual TVRI – Senin, 22 September

  60. Carla B., 6. October 2008, 9:26

    I’m loving all about Blog Action Day 2008!!! Awesome idea :-)

  61. Tammy, 6. October 2008, 9:29

    I wanted to comment earlier, but what to say?

    This weekend we were out celebrating our wedding anniversary by getting a nice room at the Hyatt downtown and having a fancy meal while Riley went to gma’s for an overnight visit. After some cocktails overlooking the beautiful city of Denver, we decided to take a walk downtown. About a block from our hotel was a girl with a two year old boy, a beautiful, beautiful child. They were waiting for the light rail and the little boy was very concerned about an ice cream somoene had dropped on the sidewalk. We struck up a conversation with her and Justin asked where her accent was from….West Virginia, a long way from home. She told us how she’s living in a hotel and can’t afford the daily rate but the hotel is being very supportive of their situation and letting them stay if they can pay something, anything. We gave her something to help out. She has stuck in our memory ever since.

    Her situation is not uncommon, there are so many people trying to live day to day and trying to raise a child in this world. It is all around us.

  62. Kat Rice, 6. October 2008, 22:42

    This is very touching to see so many people respond to such a good cause. I am developing a charity called GiveCheerfully that is a social media website for nonprofits. I will take some time to repost this idea to our own blog to try and increase awareness. I believe every little bit helps and its nice to someone reaching out to care for the poverty we have right here at home.

  63. Lynn, 7. October 2008, 12:55

    Good luck.

  64. jenn in holland, 8. October 2008, 6:50

    I am in for blog action day too! Not eloquent either, but passionate.

    jenn in hollands last blog post..HEADLINE: Automobiles and Bicycles – Dangerous Combination

  65. Crystal, 8. October 2008, 10:29

    Excellent idea! Good luck.

    Crystals last blog post..Color Explosion Set of 2 5×7 Photograph Prints

  66. Dan Harper, 8. October 2008, 11:08

    Great idea!


    [...] Leave a comment here and $1 goes to a food bank to feed the poor. [...]

  68. Taylor, 8. October 2008, 14:51

    This is the first I’ve heard of blog action day, and I think this is great. Best of luck.

  69. bombaydosti, 8. October 2008, 18:03

    That was good idea! My support too!

    bombaydostis last blog post..Girl :)

  70. ailin, 8. October 2008, 19:12

    I also agree that poverty isnt just in Africa but it exists in the whole world, might even be in our own neighbourhoods. I support this also, I hope that us humans can get this problem fixed in the years to come, at least most of it!

    ailins last blog post..

  71. Don Mills Diva, 8. October 2008, 21:09

    Thank you for this initiative – you are very inspiring.

    Don Mills Divas last blog post..What I know

  72. Chris, 8. October 2008, 22:58

    Amazing! I’m so in awe of you to take this on- way to go Catherine!

    Chriss last blog post..SO Irritated. Also? Happy.

  73. Rowena Cherry, 9. October 2008, 5:46

    I’m happy to leave a comment here. I shall be blogging on October 15th… I’m posting an interview with a Capuchin monk who runs a soup kitchen (that is an understatement of all the Capuchins do) in Mt Elliott, Detroit.

  74. Rubén R., 9. October 2008, 9:11

    Great idea, we all should support Blog Action Day

    I’ll be bloggin on October 15th

    Rubén R.s last blog post..Los envases al amarillo…

  75. Paul, 9. October 2008, 12:08

    This is such a great idea!
    By giving time or money for this event and for other occasions, we can help people in need and make a difference…

    Pauls last blog post..Jetway NC81-LF Review

  76. JoannCoggins, 9. October 2008, 13:21

    making a difference is what its about!wonderful,I support helping the homeless,thepoor,all the folks who really,really needit thanks so much

  77. Diomidis Anadiotis, 9. October 2008, 14:41

    I’m supporting that too..!!

  78. shauna, 10. October 2008, 10:54

    I’ll match whatever you raise too!

    shaunas last blog post..buddhist wannabe

  79. The Fitness Diva, 10. October 2008, 20:04

    I will give away some clothing, and some winter coats that might be needed by someone else.
    I think that this is an awesome event for bloggers to become a part of!

    The Fitness Divas last blog post..My Stock Watch List – Time To Buy….

  80. Summase Sanjaya, 11. October 2008, 9:04

    Poverty is one of big problem in the world. But, yet I can’t do nothing.
    I am supporting your ideas. And on October 15, I will posting about poverty in my ideas

    Summase Sanjayas last blog post..PR dari Marlop 98

  81. meriadox, 11. October 2008, 10:02

    I`m blog action day 2008 (and 2007 too)… I don`t know yet what I gonna put that day, but if I don’ t have nothing, I will use an old post… there are many post to choose… I think the problem is, actually, the eductation… poverty is the visible face of a bad education. I will try to write something about it.

    Your idea here is great…


    meriadoxs last blog post..Universo Logarítmico

  82. Paul, 11. October 2008, 12:04

    wow – you are up to 81 already, and clearly going to make the 100 mark. A commendable idea for a way to mark Blog Action day, and especially kind of you to open this to comments before the day begins.

    Pauls last blog post..Fiction Friday post

  83. Bill Cummings, 11. October 2008, 14:15

    This is a great way to share and network regarding our common passions to fight local and global poverty. I’ll be blogging about Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty at

    Bill Cummingss last blog post..Call + Response

  84. anjie the Frugal Freelancer, 11. October 2008, 14:39

    our foodbank is in TROUBLE in my area so I think what you are doing is FANTASTIC!
    please donate $1 for my post and I will spread the word so you can get your 100!
    thanks so much!

    my post on POVERTY isnt up yet but my 10 days of giving is UP and if anyone else would like to join it isn’t too late……… ALSO anyone that comments back on my blog will be in the running for a RAOK from ME to you!
    here is my blog

    anjie the Frugal Freelancers last blog post..the 10 DAY GIVE started yesterday!

  85. Pamela/Blondie, 11. October 2008, 15:22

    I found you via twitter and will be blogging about proverty as well.

    Pamela/Blondies last blog post..Halloween Safety

  86. Barbara Howard, 11. October 2008, 15:23

    Thanks for stepping. This is a great idea!

    Barbara Howards last blog post..Job Search Coach, Roxanne Ravenel, Returns to TRB!

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  88. Alex Linebrink, 11. October 2008, 16:44

    WOO HOO! Awesome. You’ve inspired me, Catherine. I’m going to do something similar now! Head on over to for details of my give-away for Blog Action Day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Alex Linebrinks last blog post..Uber-YOU 4: Google Protects

  89. Abby, 11. October 2008, 17:06

    Here via Twitter as well… about to go over and sign up to participate in Blog Action Day!

  90. Vera, 11. October 2008, 18:00

    I’m in via Twitter

  91. Teresa Johnson, 11. October 2008, 18:18

    We all must do our part to help those in poverty. It’s starts with each one of us doing our part to help. If we don’t, who will. This is one of the many
    ways I plan to support poverty.


    Teresa Johnsons last blog post..Breast cancer mortality studied in black women

  92. D'Anna Catterson, 11. October 2008, 18:30

    Thank you for doing this. “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Mother Theresa

  93. Marilyn (olivebranch), 11. October 2008, 18:52

    I am a Foster/Adoptive parent, I have been working with these children for 5 years now. I have seen real poverty here in the United States. These children come out of situations that most us us can’t even imagine, and they are your neighbors, your friends, even in some cases your family. They come into the system with only the clothes on their backs, sometimes, and I have even picked them up with no shes, and maybe just a shirt, sometimes a diaper, soggy wet. They are scared, hungry, and starved for love. Their parents can’t buy food for buying drugs. I had one biological dad say to me and the worker, when asked why there was no food in the house, “I can’t buy food and pot”. Some might say, well that is bad but it is the parents problem, is it? We close our eyes to these children, we see a parent in a store, hitting, or screaming at a child, we turn away and pretend we didn’t see. We see our neighbors kids in the yard all day, filthy, no one checking to make sure they are ok, do we knock on the door for a visit, just to see what is going on, no we turn our heads and make our kids dinner. Child abuse and neglect is at an epidemic rate in this country, it is every ones problem. These same children that you turn your back on are our future. They are the ones who will grow up and keep the same cycle going in their own lives because that is all they know. We have to step up to stop poverty, hunger and abuse and it has to start in our own back yards. We can feed the hungry children in Africa all day long, what are we doing for the neighbor child who went to bed hungry last night? Thanks for this endeavor, anything that raises awareness to the plight of our children is a good thing. I have submitted my blog here, but it is behind due to my husband being shot in a drive by on Sept. 8th. He is OK but I have been spending all of my free time taking care of him, and taking our 5 children to the things they do, so please be patient, as I promise it will be updated soon.

    Marilyn (olivebranch)s last blog post..Kid’s Eat Free

  94. Aruni, 11. October 2008, 20:51

    Great idea! Here’s my comment for $1. I’m working on my Blog Action Day post right now!

    Arunis last blog post..Making Things Convenient

  95. Pearl, 11. October 2008, 23:28

    Hi Catherine – here goes another comment to achieving $100.. This is a superb idea and I had been thinking of ways to do something besides making just a post on Oct 15th..

  96. Ricardo Kobashi, 12. October 2008, 7:48

    Cara Pink,

    Estamos acostumados a pensar na pobreza como coisa de terceiro mundo, como aqui em meu país (Brasil). Mas não é assim, certo? Temos pobreza em todo lugar. Lembro das cenas do Katrina em New Orleans. Lembro de ter pensado como uma nação tão rica poderia tratar tão mal as pessoas. Boa sorte. Já está bem perto dos 100…

  97. Paul, 12. October 2008, 9:37

    Just doing my bit…I am number #96 :P

  98. Mark Heck, 12. October 2008, 12:22

    Go to a local foodbank & Donate at least 1 food item + 1 new toy (for young kids & don’t forget the teens!)

  99. Cynthia Wunsch, 12. October 2008, 20:00

    Thank you for your generosity! I will be blogging about poverty and how to combat it on blog action day also.

    BTW my local mechanic does free oil changes with a gift to our local food bank.

  100. Susmita Barua, 12. October 2008, 21:12

    Thanks for this post and opportunity.

    “Poverty is an artificial creation” – Mohammad Yunus, Founder of Grammen bank

    What are the systemic design deficiemcies in man-made capital/currency system that keeps poverty, economic disparity and injustices growing along with growth in living standard and consumerism?

    Here is my educational blog action/creative solution on poverty. Please search for my blog title Deep Conscious Capitalism in your search engine and share it.

    Susmita Baruas last blog post..Deep Crisis Is A Deep Creative Opportunity

  101. Embejo, 13. October 2008, 4:34

    Wow! I am feeling so inspired by all you amazing people! Good on you for speaking up and making a difference. I’ve posted too… you can read it here

    Embejos last blog post..Let’s Do Something About Poverty

  102. belena, 13. October 2008, 4:36

    I have registered and I will be posting about poverty on the day. I am also promoting Blog Action Day wherever I can, to get more people involved. Non-bloggers can add their support by visiting blogs and adding their comments to posts about poverty.

    belenas last blog post..Fight Against Poverty

  103. Angel, 13. October 2008, 8:47

    I just registered and I’ll be posting a blog. You’re doing a very good thing and I hope others support the cause and raise/donate money.

  104. Kenon K., 13. October 2008, 10:04

    Headed on over from Alex Linebrink’s blog : That Indie dude. I support Blog Action Day and the donation(s) that you will be making

  105. BC Doan, 13. October 2008, 19:33

    Your post moved me, and I pray for God’s blessing on what you’re doing! Thank you..

  106. Jacob Cass, 13. October 2008, 23:10
  107. Josiah Jost | Siah Design, 13. October 2008, 23:13

    great idea!

    Josiah Jost | Siah Designs last blog post..Three Graphic Design Games To Test Your Skill/Knowledge

  108. Evan Anderson, 13. October 2008, 23:20

    Pretty Inspiring!

  109. Nathan Cahill, 13. October 2008, 23:31

    +$1 Thank you for doing this, it’s a great idea!

    Nathan Cahill | Cloud Forest Website Design

  110. faryl, 13. October 2008, 23:45

    very cool! Saw Jacob Cass tweet about it so thought I’d add a comment.

  111. Nessa, 14. October 2008, 4:17

    Very inspiring indeed. Here’s my very small contribution (by commenting). God bless!

    Nessas last blog post..I Want To Break Free…

  112. Joy Bosworth, 14. October 2008, 6:11

    Does everyone already know about the free to click sites which donate? – this has links to: the, child hunger, rainforest etc

    Also, which has a word game and every click donates rice

  113. Aw Guo, 14. October 2008, 9:45

    Great idea :)

    I am a blogger from Beijing, China.

    We should really pay more attention to the lower class and let them express their thoughts.

  114. Julia Chandler, 14. October 2008, 16:38

    This is a wonderful idea. Well done. I work with long term unemployed and one thing that they all have in common, aside from being unemployed, is that they ALL live in poverty. Thank you so much for this opportunity to help in another way.

  115. Leena, 14. October 2008, 22:34

    Thanks for doing this!

  116. Suzie Cheel, 15. October 2008, 2:22

    You are awesome, I have just blogged about BAD and I agree with you about change and i love your blog’s name

    Suzie Cheels last blog post..Help End Poverty: Take Action Today!

  117. tjsheffield, 15. October 2008, 5:18

    What a wonderful heart so many have, may I remind those who may pass a stranger on the side of the road with a sign that they are hungry – if you have $5 give it to them. Many worry about where the $5 will be spent – Don’t question it – just give with a loving heart & spirit, God knows your motives and that kindness you show may be the very thing that turns that person around.
    Do you know a family who has very little to live on – don’t ask if they need groceries or a utility bill paid – if you know there is a need -then just take care of it, go buy them some groceries or share yours, drop by the utility company & put some money on their account. If you are close enough to know their birthdays or their child’s birthday – remember them on these special days. This will not end the poverty here in America, but it will make a difference in their lives (and your own). There are so many wonderful ideas already posted here – many blessings to each of the contributors & to you & yours for taking on this project & making a difference

  118. Bethany, 15. October 2008, 6:52

    This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for doing this!

  119. Blog Action Day: Poverty « Coffee Klatch (Pingback), 15. October 2008, 7:40

    [...] If you read this before the end of the day today go to the Pink Asparagus Blog and leave a comment. For every comment that she gets by October 15th she will donate $1 to her [...]

  120. kouji haiku, 15. October 2008, 8:03

    my $1. :) this is very kind of you to do. i hope to eventually do something similar once i start working.

    for now, i turn to sites like freerice, kiva, and goodsearch, as ways to help alleviate poverty online.

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it’s great that you’re participating. :)

    kouji haikus last blog post..philippine poverty haiku poems

  121. Paul, 15. October 2008, 8:46

    My second post here! But you are over the hundred mark now (I was #81 also!) so this is just to say I am blogrolling you as a fellow Blog Action Day blogger!

    Pauls last blog post..Thoughts on poverty

  122. janflora, 15. October 2008, 9:41

    you are so generous! I am participating too and was exploring other blogs thru BAN… what a wonderful action it is…not only are we helping and educating, we are uniting with other bloggers! I love your title btw! peace!

    janfloras last blog post..Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty

  123. Ziona Etzion, 15. October 2008, 9:57


    This is a idea that brings people to a place that they can start to think and identify…the key is collaboration.

    There are so many organizations working toward this goal that are basically in competition with one another because of the amount of people that are socially aware and active with the means to support the ideal.

    We at Truemanity have build a well rounded platform and are putting ourselves out there and collaborating with non-profits in a beneficial creative way

  124. Jeff Mowatt, 15. October 2008, 10:49

    The People-Centered Economic Development model was conceived as a new business paradigm with the primary objective of eradicating poverty through business development.

    See link for details and progress in Eastern Europe

  125. Leanna Renee Hieber, 15. October 2008, 13:36

    Awesome work! I’m participating too! Thank you for your initiative.

    Leanna Renee Hiebers last blog post..Blog Action Day: Poverty – Victorian London

  126. Karen Kitchel, 15. October 2008, 14:31

    Parents living in poverty suffer because of what they can’t give to their children. Kudos to the many organizations who are supporting those who wish they were the givers.

  127. Merlyn Sanchez, 15. October 2008, 15:12

    What a wonderful post! I only learned about Blog Action Day today but I’m writing about it on my blog and getting the word out as much as possible.

    You’re an inspiration!

    All the best,

  128. Madrina de Angel, 15. October 2008, 16:04

    I am blessed to be able to participate in Blog Action Day!
    It is a Blessing that you took this action to donate and i am fortunate to have come across your post!

    I met the face of poverty in church one morning and my life has never been the same!
    I sponsored Angel through CFCA along with my husband and young son those 5 years ago…
    We have all grown so much for this experience… to offer Hope Dignity and Opportunity and come to know, love and appreciate a child and his dear family for their strengths and potential is something i wish everyone could know
    to have that sort of Love and Peace in your hearts as you walk in solidarity with them through this life……..
    God Bless You and All Who Are Participating Today and Everyday
    to Alleviate the Stranglehold Poverty has on our World

  129. Mel, 15. October 2008, 18:33

    Do something about mobbing and gangstalking because the poor and homeless are also victims of this crime, look it up on the Internet and find out more about it, see if you could be a victim and not realize it, see who is in on it and doing this harassing of people because some sites say the cops and firemen are in on it and lots of us have been harassed by cops and firemen as well as clerks in City Hall, in Social Services office and Social Security, as well as postal workers, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, etc. If these victims were not being harassed and forced to move again and again, wasting all their time and money and this then they would have more time and money to invest in helping the poor.

  130. Alec, 15. October 2008, 21:12
  131. Tim, 15. October 2008, 22:23

    This is all very exciting. I’m new to Blog Action Day, but I’m not new to poverty and its ill effects. Everyone above – keep up the good work.

    Tims last blog post..cryptic message from the future

  132. LaSandra Brill, 15. October 2008, 23:12

    What a great idea! Here’s my contribution!

    LaSandra Brills last blog post..To Blog or Not to Blog?


    [...] Commented on this blog where $1 will be donated to a food bank to feed the poor [...]

  134. Summer, 16. October 2008, 7:23

    I did my part and blogged about it! thanks for your post and care.

    Summers last blog post..Poverty


    [...] Catherine at PinkAsparag will be donating $1 to the local Food Bank for every comment posted on her blog. Yes, it’s that [...]

  136. Blog Action Day: Poverty | Coffee Klatch (Pingback), 27. October 2008, 17:00

    [...] If you read this before the end of the day today go to the Pink Asparagus Blog and leave a comment. For every comment that she gets by October 15th she will donate $1 to her [...]

  137. 5 Things You Can do in Less Than an Hour to Fight Poverty (Pingback), 6. November 2008, 23:10

    [...] Commented on this blog where $1 will be donated to a food bank to feed the poor [...]

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