Veep Haiku

that Palin is a woman
scary politics

working mom, so what
Palin does not speak to me
she is not like me

poor Bristol Palin
like this was not hard enough
whole country watches

maybe if her mom
believed in sex ed, not just
abstinence only

there’d be no baby
no teenage shotgun wedding
they are statistics

judge Sarah Palin
by her actions and her words
not on her gender

check Politifact
for non-partisan review
of candidate’s words

MOMocrats opine
they “rage against the McCain”
read them, they are smart

register to vote
we may not agree, but please
exercise your right

11 smart people left their mark:

  1. melissaz, 5. September 2008, 7:59

    I totally agree. That woman is scary, and in a bad way.

    melissazs last blog post..I was at the grocery store, and you know what that means…

  2. Cacklin Rose, 5. September 2008, 9:22

    Thanks for the links.

    Cacklin Roses last blog post..Little sister-ku

  3. maggies mind, 5. September 2008, 10:02

    I agree with so very much of what you said. I feel like I’ve said this a bunch this morning and the past few days, but it boggles my mind to consider that approximately half of America votes one way and approximately another half votes the other, and it’s so important to vote. Palin was a brilliant choice by McCain, actually, in my opinion, because of the votes she will bring in for him while she plays up being a regular mom (though she’s kind of not, and I don’t get trying to juggle a special needs infant with the vice presidency), and that all just really scares me.

    Sorry for the novel. I keep doing that today. ;)

    maggies minds last blog post..Haiku Friday 9/5/08 – Part Six

  4. jamie @ this mama's dreads, 5. September 2008, 10:59

    THANK YOU!!! My husband is dumbfounded I dont support her…but why would I? Simply because she’s the same gender as me? Nope. She doesnt speak to me either. And I sure wish people would stop comparing a presidential candidate to a vp candidate. Oy.

    Great haiku! I love the name of your blog BTW! ;)

    jamie @ this mama’s dreadss last blog post..haiku friday

  5. Halimah, 5. September 2008, 16:26

    I swear I’ll be swilling Mylanta and survivng on Tums by the time November rolls around. Very scary indeed.

    Halimahs last blog post..Morning photo from CNN

  6. rachel, 5. September 2008, 17:50

    It’s amazing how many haikus and posts today are on this same topic.
    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s opinions and why’s.

    Thanks for the reading links. happy hf

    rachels last blog post..The Sister She Always Wanted

  7. Pamela, 5. September 2008, 19:04

    Seriously, if the Republican Brain Trust thinks we are all going to join in the “Vaginas Unite” rally cry, they should think again. Just because the Penis Brigade can really get behind the Pretty Vajayjay doesn’t mean that all the rest of us Vaginas are going to jump on the bandwagon.

    Wow. There’s a lot of possible entendre there.

    Pamelas last blog post..a little fashion commentary

  8. Kelly O, 8. September 2008, 6:58

    WORD. Did you read Gloria Steinem’s Op-Ed in the LA Times? Lovely.

    Kelly Os last blog post..Dog tired from a run around the lake

  9. Tracie, 10. September 2008, 8:53

    Amen my friend! Well said.

    Tracies last blog post..Gift basket

  10. Leslie, 11. September 2008, 22:42

    “working mom, so what
    Palin does not speak to me
    she is not like me”

    Word, Sister. I’m so frustrated with hearing, “She’s a mom like you.” Um, no she is not. Part of me feels like I shouldn’t be judging her mothering, I can’t help but do it.

  11. Beth, 13. September 2008, 22:29

    I really don’t want someone like Palin in government. She asks for privacy for her own family but wants to restrict the choices of young women, which they should be able to make in private. I think she’s an interesting person, but I don’t want people with her views to be making social policy.

    Beths last blog post..Like Feet Walking for Chocolate