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Empty Haiku

thought provoking words
will not be found here today,
I apologize

be distracted by
Wordle‘s pretty word picture
go make your own, now

Hat tip: What if No One’s Watching.


Usually I can come up with something intelligent to say in the face of dumbasses adversity. But, gah! If I hear “and I told the Congress, ‘thanks but no thanks‘ on that Bridge to Nowhere” ONE. MORE. TIME. my head might explode.

She did not say that. This morning on NPR Bill Adair of summed it up nicely

“It’s not that she really killed it — but she did perform the last rites.”

Honestly, my head is spinning.

Things I’ve learned on Facebook (which, I’m a little embarassed to say I just joined recently – was I the last hold-out?)

  • John McCain made the following joke

“Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.”

Want more? Go read Women Against Sarah Palin. I understand that largely people vote for the top of the ticket, not the bottom, but given McCain’s age, she could be the 45th POTUS. Who really thinks that’s a good idea?

Wherein the Gods Smiled Upon Me

I got a new driver’s license yesterday. It was surreal. I walked in, didn’t need to take a number because there were helpful clerks with no one in line. I CAN VOTE!

Also, Ikea is coming to Colorado.

I’m not sure about which I am more excited.

I was tagged for an awesome meme, but I have to go look up a bunch of the words first. Stay tuned. I know you’re hitting refresh incessantly on your feed reader trying to keep up with me.

Birthday Party Palooza

This weekend we hosted Elliot and Audrey’s birthday party at a near-by park. A bakery made the cake, Extreme Pizza delivered dinner – I had to work hard ya’ll.

This year we made two monumental changes to the birthday party tradition: no gifts and a joint party.

At first Elliot balked. He knows the story on birthday parties. What was I doing messing with decades of tradition? But he took it in stride. Saturday morning he and I were talking about the party and how much fun it would be, even though we weren’t having presents. He said, “it’ll be fun just to get together – to play with my friends.” Clearly all this parenting IS paying off.

We had a LEGO themed party because it is easy (see earlier statement about all my hard work). We had primary colored balloons, primary colored paper products and this beauty, it was marble with chocolate creme filling:

We’ll be eating cake for the next month because I didn’t take into account the cupcakes on top of the cake that would also be eaten. Today we have three squares left without the nubs. There was ice cream but it didn’t fare so well in the cooler.

Elliot says his favorite parts of the party, listed in order of importance

  1. cake
  2. soda
  3. playing with his friends
  4. pizza

Overall, we think the party was a smashing succes. There were 16 adults, 15 children and 1 dog. We managed the entire evening without a melt-down, a trip to the ER or running out of beer. I’m not sure you can ask for more than that.

Another Milestone

Very little happens on my admin dashboard. So little in fact that I click every link that shows up there. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered I’d been kirtsied!

Veep Haiku

that Palin is a woman
scary politics

working mom, so what
Palin does not speak to me
she is not like me

poor Bristol Palin
like this was not hard enough
whole country watches

maybe if her mom
believed in sex ed, not just
abstinence only

there’d be no baby
no teenage shotgun wedding
they are statistics

judge Sarah Palin
by her actions and her words
not on her gender

check Politifact
for non-partisan review
of candidate’s words

MOMocrats opine
they “rage against the McCain”
read them, they are smart

register to vote
we may not agree, but please
exercise your right

Interview with Shauna

edited: added a link to Shauna’s blog, I’m a bad, bad monkey today – sorry!

If this weren’t the Internet I would totally be skeeved out by your stalker tendencies. But since this is a blog, I guess I want you to stalk read me. So, welcome. It’s interview day! Yay. Today’s victim participant is a humor blogger and AUTHOR. And not of a book that she printed off at Kinko’s and made the cover art for each and every one individually. A real live book. And I know it to be true because I have an autographed copy. Neener.

Oh yeah, back to building a community and not teasing.

I met Shauna at BlogHer ’08. She’s a little spitfire of Southern. Well, Texas Southern, not Deep-South Southern. And Ft. Worth at that. So, she’ll tell you to your face and not follow it up with, “bless your heart.” She’s wicked funny and so would have gotten my ass busted in school if we has sat next to each other.

My review of her debut novel, Heaping Spoonful, is here.

Read more »

Jack and the Large Mango

Last night I started reading James and the Giant Peach to Elliot. While he was gloating to his sister that he gets a big-kid book read every night he called it Jack and the Large … Mango. Toe May Toe, Toe Mah Toe – I suppose.

On other fronts: Palin. What the hell? Was she vetted? Did no one else want the job? I hate to find joy in other people’s misery, but – good job McCain! Awesome choice. For a campaign that mocked the celebrity of Obama I find it deliciously rich that Palin is on gawker.

Go read MOMocrats, they’ll keep you informed. With real information, not the rantings of a woman reading Jack and the Large Mango.

Hat tip: It’s Always Darkest Before I Open My Eyes for the video

Red Haired Babies

Yesterday I spent my Labor Day holiday laboring. Not in the giving birth sense, but in the doing actual work around the house sense. I was re-organizing some storage in the basement and found MY Cabbage Patch Doll. I don’t know her name. I’m not sure I ever did. I have no idea what the white shit is on her face either. I think it’s a mar in the plastic that conventional soap and water couldn’t remove. But that was in the 80s! I’ll have to take a magic eraser to her face. In the same box was my Raggedy Ann, or as Audrey calls her “ragged N”.

Audrey wanted to play with my dolly, and I let her for 3.2 seconds. After that I was sure she’s lose her shoes or hair bows or gah, I don’t even know what I feared for her. She hasn’t survived this long intact to be loved on by a three-year old. Thankfully Audrey wanted nothing to do with Ann. Her yarn hair and threadbare dress can’t handle too much love.

My aunts stood in line and paid some ungodly amount of money getting Cabbage Patch dolls for my female cousins and me. I loved her. I still love that they took the extra effort to get a redheaded one for me.

I was the only redhead I knew growing up. And except for my immediate family, I was the only one I knew with freckles. Granted my elementary school was 98% Hispanic. Having red hair is special. But when you’re mercilessly teased for it and your freckles, it feels more like a curse. I hope Audrey never hates her beautiful hair and freckles. Fortunately, I see lots of cutie pie gingers running around these days.

(l-r) Audrey’s Raggedy Ann c. 2006, Audrey’s Cabbage Patch Doll c. Sunday,
my Cabbage Patch Doll c. 1983, my Raggedy Ann c. 1974

It’s fun for me that Audrey is enjoying the same toys I remember from my childhood.

Heaping Spoonful

Once upon a time I went to San Francisco and met a spit-fire of an author. She asked if I would review her book on my site. I maintained my composure and said, “sure – send me a copy.” Right after that I called all my friends everyone in the entire universe my husband and told him how I had just gotten FREE stuff and AN AUTHOR wants me to review her book.

But then I sucked.

I read the amazing, awesome book and I did not tell any of you. See previous paragraph re: suckage.

I think the book deserves better than I can do. I’ll give it the ol’ college try though.

Shauna Glenn’s debut novel Heaping Spoonful is a wonderful, heart-felt read. I couldn’t put it down. I think I missed dinner and the children tucked themselves in. I can’t be sure, I was curled up on the couch reading.

The writing is smooth and easy. Easy like Sunday morning, a friend would say. Claire’s internal dialogue sounds like that of me and my friends:

My mom had been right – I needed to get my shit together – if for no other reason than so my kids wouldn’t grow up to be serial killers.

How many of us have thought something similar?

Protagonist Claire is an every-woman. She’s a single mom (not by choice, her husband died), a boss (owns her own bakery), a sister and a daughter. She’s pulled in every direction imaginable. It’s easy to relate with her. And Shauna makes her so likable. Even when she’s making poor choices, she’s likable. You feel her struggle, that really she’s confused and doing the best she can with the hand she’s been dealt. You can’t begrudge her one bit.

I think Claire speaks to a generation of woman that are trying to do it all. She runs a successful business. She begins dating. She loses her mother a little each day to Alzheimer’s. Her kids are in school. And somehow, in the midst of all this external activity – she’s still mourning her husband. She’s not leading a gilded life. She’s leading an ordinary life, with extraordinary pressures. Just like you and me. Well, except she owns a bakery so she could console herself with an entire chocolate cake pretty easily. That’s a good point that I’ll have to take up with Shauna. Maybe Claire’s on the points?

Claire’s story is about moving forward. She’s not starting fresh, it’s not like she’s hiding the kids in the cupboard while dating. She redefines her relationship with her sister, giving Lucy the space she needs to be Lucy and not mini-Claire. She reconnects with her mother through the Alzheimer’s fog. Claire most definitely pulls her self up by her bootstraps. She struggles. Again. And again. But eventually she finds her rhythm and in that her new life.

There are fantastic reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Except for one where the poster basically called Claire a hussy, disregard that one – I don’t think she read the same book I did.

If you live in the DFW area, I highly recommend going to the launch party for this fantastic debut novel (Shauna will correct me on this matter, this is her third novel – just the first that someone had the good sense to publish, therefore the first that we’re able to read). Meeting Shauna is definitely worth your time. Saturday, Sept 27 at 7pm; 1020 Magnolia in Ft Worth. Send your RSVP here or check Shauna’s site for more information.

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