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NOW endorses Obama. It’s unprecedented for NOW to endorse a candidate in a national election, the president of National Organization of Women said. I think that should help shine some light on how truly anti-woman the McCain/Palin ticket is. I can understand being against abortion. It’s your right. It’s your uterus. You have the right to govern your uterus. And by that same token, I have the right to govern mine. The freedom to choose – I would suspect that if we polled 100 women that exercised this “choice” they’d say it wasn’t a decision they came to lightly nor was it a choice they’d want to make again – is incredibly important to women’s health.

Abortion is an easy target. It garners headlines. Your position on abortion is often an indicator of your position on reproductive health.

Limiting a person’s access to information about their own reproduction health choices is wrong. Sex education in the schools is necessary. Of course it should be supplemented at home. It should actually start at home, but I’m trying to be middle of the road here.

Abstinence only sex education programs do not work. Sex ed programs that are developed by people with abstinence only agendas promote fear and ignorance. In 2004 the Washington Post published

Many American youngsters participating in federally funded abstinence-only programs have been taught over the past three years that abortion can lead to sterility and suicide, that half the gay male teenagers in the United States have tested positive for the AIDS virus, and that touching a person’s genitals “can result in pregnancy,” a congressional staff analysis has found.

I can see how a botched, back-alley, clothes-hanger abortion might lead to sterility. But one performed by a medical professional in a sterile setting? Hardly.

Comprehensive sex education is effective. Family planning clinics work. Women and men need the resources to protect their bodies, their selves and their families. And when planning and prevention fail, we need the option to make hard choices.

McCain is scary, he wants to overturn Roe v Wade. Palin is Anti-Choice (yes, my liberal bent is shining through, I cannot call her Pro-Life, that would suggest the rest of are a bunch a pro-abortion baby killers, and we’re not). McCain and Palin are anti-woman, period. They do not speak to me and I hope they do not speak for me come November.

An interesting site that I was going to use, but couldn’t make it fit in is Catholics for Choice. They’re doing good deeds on all our behalves.

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  1. Lynn, 16. September 2008, 12:46

    Of course I was going to vote for Obama… but I still had this thought that if McCain wins, he would be better than Bush. I thought if you have to have a republican in office, you would want Mccain. He used to be pro-choice I think, not sure.

    But seeing the stance now, I’m definately in fear of what he and Palin will do. It’s not an easy choice, personally speaking. But the choice should be there….and it takes additional laws/legislation to make sure that people have every choice at their disposal.

  2. Pamela, 16. September 2008, 16:42

    When I was younger, you know, like in high school where they were teaching abstinence…maybe…I, umm, sort of missed health class… they were also teaching how awful abortion was, and painting people who got an abortion as horrific and heartless.

    I’m all grown up now, and the multifaceted thing that is pro-choice has shown itself to me. I’ve said before I can’t imagine being in a situation where my best option was to have an abortion. I just can’t picture it. But lots of people can, and do. And just because I wouldn’t have one doesn’t give me the right to tell someone else she’s wrong.

    I’m so often puzzled by the Christian right. I’m a Christian, and they simply flabbergast me. (Is flabbergast a verb?) I do my best to “follow Jesus”, and love my neighbors, and behave how I believe is the right way. But all the judging and calling out and rude comments and hateful behavior that is the pattern of so many people in the Christian right…it’s not right. Jesus didn’t ostracize, he welcomed. And it didn’t matter who, he welcomed everyone.

    So good for NOW. Way to stand up for the candidate that treats women with dignity. Because there’s precious little of that going on in politics these days.

    And now my mini-post is ended.

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  3. melissaz, 16. September 2008, 16:49

    I hadn’t heard about the endorsement yet, but that’s because the kids are doing their homework and the radio is off…

    I’m a strange creature…I’m anti-abortion, but pro-sex ed. The logic being that with good sex ed, there will be fewer abortions. And I guess my anti-abortion stance is more of a “gosh, I wish that women didn’t end up in such a horrible situation where that actually is their best option”. Does that make sense?

    And strangely enough, I just finished reading “The Abstinence Teacher” by Tom Perotta. Good book.

    And I’m with Pamela. Some of these “Christians” just leave me shaking my head. And then I have to remember not to judge them, either…

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  4. Tracie, 16. September 2008, 20:28

    Amen Catherine!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. And how can any women support a ticket that doesn’t believe that women deserve to be equals and given the same respect as men. As for abortion rights…I can’t believe that it is 2008 and we are still required to fight for the simple right of making choices about our bodies and health. I can think of so many issues that need to be addressed by politians and yet the McCain group continues to focus on putting womens rights back 50 years!

    I pray every day that this country will think before they vote. And realize that we are not meant to go backwards…but instead embrace diversity, equality, individual rights and focus our attention on ending this war, repairing our economy, improving educational funding (and supporting sex education) and so much more!

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  5. Halimah, 17. September 2008, 4:44

    Exactly what I have wanted to say. Nicely done. The S.O is equally horrified at their stance on women’s issues. In fact I believe the phrase he used was: “scares the crap out of me!” .

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  6. Rachel Hanson, 17. September 2008, 16:18

    Hear, hear!

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  7. Grandy, 18. September 2008, 0:38

    Interesting news. I hadn’t heard about the endorsement…but then I hadn’t heard about the daboccle (spell check?) of AIG and their rating either, until the VP of the dang company called me to talk about it.

    Get your head out of the sand Grandy!!

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  8. Kelly O, 18. September 2008, 10:19

    My uterus and I thank you so very much for writing posts like these. You rock the cashbar.

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  9. Christina, 18. September 2008, 11:40

    Kelly O said it all.

    Hi – I’m here thanks to your interview with wreke. Pressure is on because I added you to my reader :-) (I kid, if you have 5 regular readers, then I have 3. There is no pressure here)

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  10. jenn in holland, 19. September 2008, 12:19

    Amen. Absolutely, Positively, AMEN.

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