Little Boy Blue

Turns out turning five is tough. On me, that is. He’s all “I’m taller” and “I’ll go to kindergarten next year” and “this is the present I’ve always wanted.” And I’m dying a little bit inside.

(l-r, top-bottom: two days old, jaundiced and pea head still didn’t fill the hat; 1 yr old wagon ride – he could walk by then, but why?; 2 yrs old – leaf collecting, probably still pissed that his sister was born; 3 yrs old – on ‘cation in CO Springs; 4 yrs old – delayed birthday party because he woke up puking on his actual birthday; almost 5 yrs old – joint party with sister that he now loves)

If five is like this for me let’s not imagine what his first day of school will be like. Or his first date. Gah. My baby cannot grow up. I don’t want to hear about how it’s our job to raise them well, blah, blah, BLAH. He’s a kid. I am a mother to kids.

And I miss my babies.

Does this get easier?

Maybe Peter wrote something poignant.

PS: Yes, his eyes are really *that* blue. Do not show his picture to your daughters. He’s already betrothed.

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  1. Amy, 23. September 2008, 7:31

    We will get through it together. Worst case, we lock them in the closet. If we don’t give them food or sunlight they can no grow! Happy Birthday Mister Elliot!

    We have to get a better picture of Madeleine. She is looking a little crazy, well maybe that is appropriate :)

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  2. Lynn, 23. September 2008, 15:06

    Awwww… I know how you feel. He’s a precious little guy.

  3. Halimah, 23. September 2008, 19:00

    5 seems so long ago – but it wasn’t really. How did the Minion get to be 11 so fast. I need to find a “5″ picture and post it. I think his hair was still really long then.

    Halimahs last blog post..YES WE CAN!

  4. Halimah, 23. September 2008, 19:22

    Oh, and WHY do little boys get the gorgeous long eyelashes?! Do you use a lash curler pre-picture on him?

    Halimahs last blog post..Five

  5. melissaz, 23. September 2008, 21:24

    No, it doesn’t get easier. But it’s doubly hard if you spend a lot of time at the principal’s office. :)

  6. shauna, 24. September 2008, 12:12

    ok, he couldn’t BE any cuter. does he look like his dad?


    ps. you know i lerve you. and yes, i don’t think YOU could be any cuter either.

    shaunas last blog post..would you shit in your own mouth?