Haiku Arrrrrrrrrrr

happy birthday, arrrrrrrrrrrr!
th’ father o’ me children
the love o’ me life

It’s a triple threat Friday: Peter’s birthday, Haiku Friday and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Go, celebrate!

13 smart people left their mark:

  1. wrekehavoc, 19. September 2008, 7:20

    happy birthday!

    wrekehavocs last blog post..don’t fear the reaper

  2. Pamela, 19. September 2008, 7:29

    I love that you know it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. This totally made Jack’s day. Arrrrr.

    Pamelas last blog post..holy gestation batman

  3. rosie, 19. September 2008, 9:06

    Avast ye, wench! RRRRRrrrrrrrr. Also, happy birthday to the mister!

    rosies last blog post..Wind-ku

  4. Lynn, 19. September 2008, 10:39

    Happy Birthday Peter! Another year of happiness to you.

  5. Tammy, 19. September 2008, 10:48

    Arrrrrrrr! Happy Birthday Matey! I love the haiku but today was the best. You crack me up.

  6. maggies mind, 19. September 2008, 11:42

    Aw, sweet and fun and piratey and in haiku and just the perfect blend! You have talent and made me do a little snort. Happy Birthday to your man!

    maggies minds last blog post..Haiku Friday 9/19/08

  7. jenn in holland, 19. September 2008, 12:08

    Avast me hearty! I be lifting my keg o’ rum to the birthday man.
    Yo ho, yo ho!!

    jenn in hollands last blog post..Because I Loved Her

  8. Halimah, 19. September 2008, 12:57

    Hoist a tankard ye scurvy dog! Happy Birthday Peter!

    Halimahs last blog post..Kinda makes me say…"Hmmmmm".

  9. Tracie, 19. September 2008, 13:35

    Happy Birthday Peter! Arrrrr!

    Tracies last blog post..Avenue Q

  10. Honey Mommy, 19. September 2008, 15:29

    You are hilarious!
    Happy Birthday.
    Avast ye swab!

    Honey Mommys last blog post..When the Cat’s Away, HE Gets to play?!

  11. Halimah, 19. September 2008, 20:44

    Hey! Can we guess Peter’s age?

    38 or 42.

    Halimahs last blog post..And Today’s Bible Lesson Is…..

  12. Scylla, 21. September 2008, 9:03

    Happy Birthday Matey!! Go swill some grog and ‘et some grub!!

    Scyllas last blog post..Weekly Winners…. crochet edition.

  13. Abbey, 22. September 2008, 23:45

    Arggggg…You Mateys are the Cutest!

    Yeah, so it’s not talk like a pirate day anymore. Blah. Whatever. ;)

    Abbeys last blog post..The Bee House