World Traveller

One thing both kids have been good at is imaginary play. Elliot created race-ball when he was 2 1/2; around the same age Audrey began traveling to China. I have no idea why China. It’s not like we’ve been there or have threatened to ship her there discussed the possibility as a vacation destination.

Audrey goes to China nearly daily. She’s very serious about it too. I’m been invited a few times, but not every time. And it’s not like I can meet her in China since its location moves around the house as often as she goes. Sometimes Elliot is a travel companion. Sometimes they go by elaborate water vessel (a large pile of blankets on the floor). Sometimes they travel by TARDIS (I can only hope. They use some sort of transporter and I’m a little nervous about the one on Star Trek – it breaks apart your molecules and glues them back together).

I finally got her on camera talking about an impending trip to China. I love the seriousness in her voice. This is something very real to her. And! the fact that I would make a video about it solidifies its importance.

She really does talk like this all the time, she’s not hamming it up for the camera.

If you haven’t already done so, I would be grateful for any advice you can dole out for an expectant new mom. No one has warned her about the one-size-fits-all mesh underwear…

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  1. Lynn, 18. August 2008, 14:53

    Teachers at school are talking about the Olympics maybe?? It was very cute!

  2. Tracie, 18. August 2008, 21:30

    So cute. Don’t know how she picked China but I love that she has so many details. My ex’s daughter is now four and she has always had a couple of imaginary friends who lived in Africa and China. And she would give similar details. Maybe it’s a show they are watching. Love the way they dream!

    Tracies last blog post..It’s all a blur

  3. kelsey, 19. August 2008, 14:05

    Oh my gosh that is too stinkin cute!

  4. Leslie, 19. August 2008, 22:53

    She is adorable!

    Leslies last blog post..Beauty

  5. Abbey, 19. August 2008, 23:18

    Okay, that was just WAY TOO CUTE!!! : )

    My favorite part was when she said, “Don’t go without me!!”

    So cute!!!!!!!!!

    Abbeys last blog post..Yum…Lunch!

  6. Halimah, 23. August 2008, 19:10

    She is so freaking cute! The Minion found the interview just adorable – and that in itself is high praise from an 11 year old. You’ve got great kids.

    Halimahs last blog post..Mr. Fluffums