The Great Gatsby Haiku

F. Scott Fitzgerald
named after Francis Scott Key
a great novelist

wrote a famous book
maybe you have heard of it?
it’s The Great Gatsby

writing book review
in form of a good haiku
proves harder than thought

Nick moves to West Egg
a neighbor of Jay Gatsby
no one knows him well

Jay has grand parties
Nick dutifully attends
Jay befriends Nick fast

Daisy is Nick’s kin
lives in East Egg with husband
husband has girlfriend

Tom, Daisy’s husband
visits girlfriend, brings Nick with
Nick does not like Tom

Jay loves Daisy much
always has but he was poor
left for war – good bye

Daisy was lonely
Tom was convenient to date
then they were married

Jay returns from war
Daisy is on honeymoon
sad Gatsby leaves town

fast forward five years
Gatsby wants to see Daisy
Nick is middle man

Tom diddles Myrtle
Gatsby wants to screw Daisy
Nick and Jordan fight

Daisy kills Myrtle
Tom is distraught, blames Gatsby
Daisy does not tell

Wilson has a gun
avenge wife’s murder by car
Gatsby is shot dead

no one comes to house
will not attend funeral
he’s buried alone

Tom and Daisy move
no forwarding address left
they are bad people

Jordan gets engaged
Nick Carraway turns thirty
not in that order

so often called the
great American novel
it was fine, the end

11 smart people left their mark:

  1. shauna, 15. August 2008, 6:28

    you totally rock the haiku. i bow at your awesomeness.

    shaunas last blog post..crazy is my favorite color

  2. Patsy, 15. August 2008, 7:28

    What a wonderful book review! I haven’t read The Great Gatsby in years. I may have to pick it up again after reading this. Thanks for being so creative.

    Patsys last blog post..Ode to the Bathroom Scales

  3. the planet of janet, 15. August 2008, 8:09

    wow. you DO rock the haiku world!

    the planet of janets last blog post..Haiku Friday: the flatten me like a pancake edition

  4. Karen of Sillymonkeez, 15. August 2008, 8:11

    Well done! It’s no easy task to write a book review this way.

    Karen of the MomDot Street Team

    Karen of Sillymonkeezs last blog post..A Bloggerhood for Moms & Dads

  5. melissaz, 15. August 2008, 8:13

    Nicely done!

    Sorry, nothing else to say. Just well done!

    melissazs last blog post..Going up?

  6. storyteller, 15. August 2008, 11:14

    Ah … I’ve not thought of The Great Gatsby in DECADES … but your ‘ku makes me think I might want to revisit Fitzgerald’s work. Well done ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

    storytellers last blog post..Haiku Friday #65 Admittedly Olympic Obsessed

  7. Laura@StorytellinMama, 15. August 2008, 11:54

    Amazing and fun Haiku!!

    I love Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby, but I have to say my favorite, favorite book by him is Tender is the Night!!

    I am now going to consider doing a book review Haiku, in fact that would be a great idea for one of the themed Haikus!

    Laura@StorytellinMamas last blog post..My Bug Loving Boys…

  8. Lilacspecs, 15. August 2008, 13:12

    Cool! I liked the Great Gatsby, though it’s been forever since I read it. Great idea to do it in haiku.

    Lilacspecss last blog post..Haiku Friday – The Joy of Getting Stuff

  9. Pamela, 16. August 2008, 9:32

    Fabulous. And perfect. So there.

    Pamelas last blog post..houston, we have a problem

  10. Maggie's Mind, 16. August 2008, 9:40

    Wow, that was awesomely haiku’d! It’s been years since I’ve read The Great Gatsby and maybe is time to read it again soon.

  11. Abbey, 20. August 2008, 14:11

    My favorite part of the poem was the end – it was just so funny because you haiku’d the heck out of the book and then ended it with, “It was fine. The End.” Hilarious!

    Abbeys last blog post..A Fanciful Twist