Interview with Morgan

Morgan is an IRL friend. And, after this, you’re all going to be j to the e to the a l-o-u-s (this is totally something I envision Morgan saying, but he would do it with style, and not white-suburban-mom style) that you don’t know him too. Unless of course you do, in which case, yay you!

Anyway, if you’re new to my Pen Pals collection, welcome. If you’re a repeat visitor, thanks! I love it when you keep coming back. Your check is in the mail. Pen Pals started out of my need to get to know my online community better. And for me to introduce you all to each other. You can read the first installment here and the second here.

Morgan writes Blizzo :: The Morgan Blog.

Who are you in real life?

By day I am a mild mannered (OK, not so mild) software engineer. Mostly I work with buzzword like “Web 2.0″ and “Ajax”, but it’s really typical Ruby on Rails stuff. When I am not at work I am dad of two, husband, dog wrangler and cat pillow. Once the sun goes down, all that changes as I slip on a leopard print jumpsuit and fight crime while searching for the ultimate urban smoothie shop.

What do you blog about?

Since the content of my blog is as ADD as my brain, let me introduce my good friend the bulleted list.

  • Creative writing pieces (not nearly as often as I would like)
  • Results of hobby experiments (art and the like)
  • Photos of family and life events
  • Technical stuff that I think other people would actually find useful
  • Things I do that I think other people might enjoy doing, to increase exposure
  • Rarely, posts about things that I think are cool
  • Things going on in my life I want my friends and family to know about via RSS

When did you begin blogging?

I have had a “personal website” since about 1999. I think I converted it to a wordpress blog in 2005.

How did you choose your blog’s name? It used to be MINDSculpt, where did that go? What’s the evolution?

Well, i originally chose MINDSculpt because it was supposed to show all the things in my life that shape my brain. But I recently changed it because I don’t think that describes what I blog about anymore, and it has been 4 years, so why the hell not. Really, my blog has always been “Blizzo”, anything else was really just a sub-title

What does blogging do for you? What motivates you to blog?

Blogging helps me communicate things I care about to my extended friends and family network. I blog because I am awesome and everybody should want to hang on my every word. No, really, I actually believe that.

You’re open about your real-life identity on your blog. Do you freely, I hate to say admit – that has connotations there’s something to hide – advertise, I guess, to your colleagues that you have a blog? Do you lead a compartmentalized life?

I feel like the world needs transparency, so I don’t really care who knows or reads it or knows about it. My colleagues all know about my blog, because sometimes it’s easier to blog about something that’s going on and send around the link than to tell them individually. I tried living a compartmentalized life once, but it was so hard to keep track of where I left things.

Have you ever taken down a post? If yes, without divulging your inner-most secret, can you say why?

When modems roamed the earth and “Blogging” hadn’t been invented, a section of my website was a sort of autobiography/history. I put a lot of personal stuff in it, even some things that I might not have said aloud in front of my family. Someone who read it pointed out that potential employers might find it and get the wrong idea, so I pulled it down. I guess that’s sort of the same thing. You think cross dressing goats wouldn’t be a big deal in this day and age…

Your wife is a blogger too. Do you discuss with her blog topics before you post? Does she have executive veto power over your posts?

We sometimes say “I should blog that” when things happen, but generally our blogs are asynchronous and unaffiliated. We occasionally have posts that end up being very similar.

If you could make one rule for the Internet what would it be?

More llamas.

Do you use a feed reader?

I tried Google Reader a long time ago and it sucked so badly that it put me off RSS readers. Several years later I tried a bajillion other ones, and then tried Google Reader again and now thats what I use. I, for one, welcome our Google masters :P

How many unread posts do you have currently?

About 1,000, not including the feeds that are things like deal finders. I have categories like “friends and family”, “comics” and “technology” that I keep up on all the time.

Do you check your stats? How often? What are you looking for?

So I realized when I read that question that I have never looked at my stats since switching to a blog format. I checked them as a result of this question, mostly curious to see where people came from and what they were looking at. I get a lot more hits than I thought, but most of them come from image searches, so that like, totally doesn’t count.

What do you wish I has asked, that I didn’t? Ask and answer, please.

Q: What will your blog be like ten years from now

A: In ten years, a gigantic robot army will serve my every command by subscribing to my RSS feed. When I am not playing with my newly dominated planet, I hope to do a lot more writing. In fact, I think I am going to start posting all of my old poetry, just so I have it archived somewhere electronically.

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  1. Pamela, 14. August 2008, 13:22

    Morgan sounds like my brother. Taking over planets and whatnot. It was nice to ‘meet’ him.

  2. Tracie, 14. August 2008, 15:55

    Love this portion of your blog. Nice to hear about other people. Morgan really is a original blogger!

    Tracies last blog post..Welcome home sweet boy

  3. Kelsey, 14. August 2008, 21:34

    What a great interview!

    Kelseys last blog post..::Today I Burnt The House Down and Glued Human Body Parts Together::

  4. Abbey, 20. August 2008, 14:18

    Hilarious! Morgan sounds like a fun, fun guy!! I’m heading over there now!!

    Abbeys last blog post..A Fanciful Twist

  5. jenn in holland, 23. August 2008, 7:45

    What a great idea, this pen pal thing!
    You realize by now, I have been at your blog reading archived bits, for oh, like an hour now?
    Sort of screams of stalker, so I may just make my way away….
    After reading one. more. thing.

    jenn in hollands last blog post..Counting Constellations

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  7. Kelly O, 27. August 2008, 14:13

    And I will welcome our gigantic robot servants, until the day they overthrow humans and become our overlords. Then I will acquiesce docilely. Because robots are scary.

    Kelly Os last blog post..My first 5K