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Hey, you stuck around for installment two of Pen Pals, how awesome are you? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read the inaugural interview here. You can also choose the tag “penpals” from the cloud or type “interview” in the search box.

Today we’re getting to know Abbey. She writes indulge*laugh*create and contributes to Mad About Martha. I met Abbey at BlogHer ’08. You all should be sad if you did not meet her. She’s cute as a button. And I think maybe I want her to be my long lost sister.

So, without further adieu …

Who are you in real life?

Let me just first say – Awww!! I want to be your long lost sister, too!

Back to the questions… Who am I in real life? Hmmm…I’m not really any different than what you see on my blog. I pretty much write about what’s on my mind and what’s going on in my life.

A little more about me that you may not know, though…

  • I grew up in Kentucky and lived there most of my life with a few years in North Carolina.
  • I like to think of myself as a lovely ole Southern Belle…I feel like I’m a modern girl, but like old- fashioned things. I like to write letters and sew and cook…you know, all that “woman” stuff. :)
  • My education background is English Education and Theater. I still love theater…can’t always say the same for education…teaching specifically. I taught as an “official” teacher for one year and that was enough for me. Then I taught Theater when I moved out here and I liked that alright.
  • I am a Friends fanatic. I own all of the DVDs, know every answer to any Friends trivia, and can pretty much quote any show…and do, in fact. It’s gotten so bad, I even have my husband doing it, too. Just the other day my mom was talking about how my brother and his wife went out and had so much too eat that they were sweating, and I said, “Uh-oh…Here come the Meat Sweats!” Which is what Joey says in the Thanksgiving episode where Monica makes him is own turkey as long as he promises to eat it all.
  • I am obsessed with England…even though I’ve never been there. I WILL get there one day!!
  • I worked as a Junior Interior Designer at a very snobby design firm in Los Gatos, CA…for about 3 months. I love interior design and have an entire bookshelf dedicated to my decorating books…but I like my style – not working with other peoples. ha ha ha
  • I am a very crafty person. I love to make things. I have an upstairs room that is full of all my fabric, paper, stamps, markers…you name it… If it’s crafty, I love it!
  • I like to use ellipsis…a lot! Can you tell?

When did you begin blogging?

May 2005

How did you choose your blog’s name?

It started when I went shopping in this adorable little store down in Moss Landing…a little antique shopping area about a half an hour south of here. They were selling these small pastel wall-hanging plaque thingies that had words on them. So I dug through the bunch and chose indulge, laugh, and create. I liked them so much I named my blog and my teeny tiny photography business after it.

What does blogging do for you?

Well, it started out as a place for me to talk about what I’m doing way out here in California since all of my family (and Drew’s) still live in Kentucky. But I’ve always considered myself a writer, so this was a nice outlet for me as well. And one other bonus I’ve gotten from it is that I can complain on here and no one can really say anything about it. If they don’t want to read it, they don’t have to. And I’m sure that makes my husband, Andrew, happy – that way he doesn’t have to listen to it…as much. : )

You read a lot. A lot a lot. Where did you get your love of books?

I really do read a LOT! If you looked around my house right now, you’d find about 5 completely full bookshelves, tables topped with books, books stacked on the floor, boxes of books stored in the attic, and books to give away out in the garage.

But to answer your question… I grew up in a family that really loved two things: books & music. All five of us are big readers (Mom, Dad, big brother, me, and little sister) . We grew up being read to and then given books to read on our own.

Right now I’m reading a lot of Young Adult stuff since I’m attempting to write one myself. But, in general, you will find a lot of Chick Lit and Mysteries on my shelves. Mostly because when I was studying English in college, I was reading lots of “literature” – and because I took about 4 Literature classes a semester I didn’t really have a lot of time to read much else. So since then, it has been my goal to fill my head with as much crap-reading as possible.

Reading is probably my favorite thing to do.

You heart stationary, what’s the last thing you wrote on your pretty paper?

I DO heart stationary! The last thing I wrote was a bunch of thank you notes for birthday presents. I actually still have one more to write. (It’s on it’s way Gail, I promise!)

And right now my stationary of choice (besides the free set that I won) is Cath Kidston’s stationary box.

You mentioned that the photowalk was your favorite bit of BlogHer. Which photo are you most proud of and why (you can get crazy photog technical if you want)?

HA! I wish I could get all crazy photog technical! I consider myself an artist photographer. What that means is that I can take a really beautiful shot…I just don’t really know know the mechanics of my own camera. : ) I’m learning, but it’s really hard for me because it’s so technical…I’m much more of an artsy girl.

I think my favorite photo from the PhotoWalk was Holding Time.

Holding Time

If I had to pick a favorite of all my other photos, I’m not sure I could do it. Two that people seem to really like a lot are Fall & Blooming. But one of my personal favorites is A Walk Together:

A Walk Together, by Abbey Lile-Taylor

It’s a picture of my brother- and sister-in-law near Golden Gate.

But I pretty much like all of my photos in the Ordinary Beauty set…which is a group of photos that show the beauty in every day things. The other sets I have include: Black & White (my favorite is Country Road), Foodie (my favorites: Broken & Salty!), and Landscape (my favorite: Night Clouds).

If you could make one rule for the Internet what would it be?

You can’t make anonymous comments. I have this one person (who I’m sure I know) who likes to leave mean comments on my blog. I had to put up comment moderation because they said something really horrible about one of my dear friends in a comment. I don’t care what they say to me, I just laugh about it and then delete it…but don’t you mess with my friends!!

Do you use a feed reader?

I don’t actually. I tried it for a little while, but I just didn’t like it as much. Instead, I have a HUGE list of blogs and websites on my Google homepage that I just click on everyday.

How many unread posts do you have currently?

None. I actually caught up today – instead of doing laundry.

How many people do you follow on Twitter?

Ya know…I don’t actually use Twitter much. I feel pretty special because I got in it right when it first started so I actually got the user name Abbey. Whoo-Hoo! Except I never use it. I come back to it every now and again…but rarely. I think I would use it a whole lot more if I were employed and stuck in front of a computer all day long. Then I would have better access to it…and I could make all sorts of snide comments about the people around me. : )


Thanks for interviewing me! It was so much fun and made me feel oh so special…like I’m one of those Famous Bloggers!

Abbey, thanks for your time. Everyone else, go read Abbey! And if you want to be subjected to my intense grilling social experiment, email me and I’ll put you in queue. Everyone is famous here at Pink Asparagus!

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  1. Abbey, 7. August 2008, 10:26

    YEA! I’M FAMOUS! ; )

    Thanks for interviewing me! It was oh so much fun!!

    Abbeys last blog post..An Interview

  2. Pamela, 7. August 2008, 18:57

    Famous and fabulous! And my, oh my, Cath Kidston. Love her. It. Whatever. It only matters how much love there is. And that’d be lots.

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  3. Kelly O, 8. August 2008, 17:14

    I’m totally digging this idea!!

    Kelly Os last blog post..Eight random things I know

  4. Grandy, 11. August 2008, 1:52

    What a great way to get to know others!! :)

    Grandys last blog post..Grandy-Nanny

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