Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Today Audrey turns three. She’s a big girl and I want to cry. At least when Elliot turned three I still had a baby to snuggle. And now? Now there are no babies in this house.

When both kids were babies I took their pictures with the same bear on their monthly birthdays. After they turned one, I stopped except on their birthdays. It was a fun way to measure their growth.

Audrey at 1 month, one year and two years

Audrey is a good, funny kid. Sassy as all get out. She has a cute little personality (although I think she knows this and might be tempted to use her power for evil, not good). Most nights she hugs me so tight and says that she’s going to keep me all night. A better parent than I might think it’s a stalling technique, I think it’s pure love.

I wish I was more eloquent, then I could say something more than: she’s good! she’s smart! she’s potty-trained! she’s mine! But, alas, I am not. So there.

Her favorite gift? The red-headed Cabbage Patch baby that Grandma & Grandpa sent. I had, for a brief moment, considered giving her mine since she already has my Strawberry Shortcake dolls (not the poseable dolls – are you insane? those are mine choking hazards). I just couldn’t do it. She had to get her own.

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  1. Pamela, 31. August 2008, 19:27

    You can come over to my house to hug my baby, and the one that’s coming in April. Except for if you are not potty trained. My mom says I’m not allowed to play with grown-ups who pee in their pants. She says it’s weird. *Sorry.*

  2. Pamela, 31. August 2008, 19:29

    Oh, right….Happy Birthday, Audrey! Three year olds are so much fun. Be a good girl and don’t be mad about the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Mommies need to have fun sometimes, too.

    Pamelas last blog post..statistically dead guy with pet barracuda

  3. melissaz, 31. August 2008, 20:35

    I had wondered about the potty training thing, too. :)

    Happy bday little one! She’s a cutie.

    melissazs last blog post..One Hundred Word Challenge: Evolution

  4. Lynn, 1. September 2008, 20:18

    Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

    I know your pain about losing your baby…. you could always think “three”…. hehe.

    I think it’s great you reflect on the birthdays.

  5. Chris, 2. September 2008, 7:56

    Happy Birthday Audrey! Three is a great year and here’s to a magical one for you!

    Chriss last blog post..Just Wondering?

  6. sher, 2. September 2008, 13:04

    happy birthday, audrey! lord, she is too cute!

    shers last blog post..every day is a winding road

  7. rachel, 5. September 2008, 19:01

    How funny that you had just posted this and then I posted mine :-)

    Too cute!!!

    rachels last blog post..Who are you standing up for?

  8. Mr Lady, 8. September 2008, 9:47

    Oh, god. That’s a CUTE 3 year old. AWWWW.

    Mr Ladys last blog post..I’m Not Wearing Anything Under It, I Swear