Disruptive Thinker Transport

On my way to work Monday I passed a bus going the opposite way that required I turn around and follow it. It was gray and looked like a police transport. The lettering on the side said, “Disruptive Thinker Transport.” Now, there are a lot of places where the thought police may get you, but Boulder isn’t one of them.

Turns out the Disruptive Thinker Transport is the company bus for Crispin Porter + Bogusky ad agency. It’ll take you to lunch, to Target, to coffee and home again. Riders can get its schedule online.

While trying to figure out what this was, I found sites people bitching about the work environment at CPB. Uhm, hello, it’s an ADVERTISING AGENCY. What did you expect when you signed up? Also, when the public facing website says

Before now, looking like a real live CP+B employee meant jumping through a bunch of hoops. Sleep deprivation. Poor hygiene. The systematic alienation of every single person who loves you.

You should know they’re going to work you to death. They told you up-front, even if it is tongue-in-cheek.

For the whole story read the Daily Camera.

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  1. Kelsey, 5. August 2008, 9:26

    That is too funny!

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  2. melissaz, 5. August 2008, 14:28

    You’re right about Boulder. The thought police live in C Springs from what I hear. :)

    And as soon as I remember HOW to get on Shelfari, I’ll do your friend request. I have issues with stuff like that. It’s weird.

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  3. Pamela, 5. August 2008, 23:10

    This has totally nothing to do with anything, but you might be interested in this little soiree…because I would be if I lived where you lived, and if I were going to chill with my B.O.yfriend at the convention.

    Get it? B.O.yfriend?



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