Book Shmook

Remember when I was all hyped up about the book challenge? Well, I’ve been reading. And now I’m depressed. I just finished Of Mice & Men. A few days back I finished The Great Gatsby. Not terribly happy, go-lightly stories; human condition, blah blah blah. Depressing. I am not a better person for reading them. I am a sad person.

I’m starting Sin in the Second City. If anyone dies I might become a statistic.

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  1. Abbey's Mom, 14. August 2008, 6:00

    Finally – a reader after my own heart! If people want to be depressed, take a look around.

  2. melissaz, 14. August 2008, 7:14

    Didn’t I tell you that some balance was necessary? Ya gotta throw a little fluff in there or you’ll slit your wrists.

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  3. Abbey, 14. August 2008, 23:38

    Give it a chance!! Maybe change it up a little. Send me the list so I can pick out a happy book for you…

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  4. Abbey, 20. August 2008, 14:15

    I love that my mom left that comment! She had just been complaining about some of the books that are out there right now…very depressing, but always getting so much press!

    It’s like how Drew feels about some of the movies that are getting all the awards recently. He says that there are no good storylines left, so Hollywood makes movies about stories with no point. : )

    This is probably why I mostly read Chick Lit.

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