Made-Up Haiku

Macy’s, you temptress
parade your wares openly
not one bit sheepish

your makeup counter
so shiny and full of hope
this cream removes years

beautiful shadows
many hues for day and night
blue like seventh grade

lipgloss so shiny
it’s a plumper you say, smile
I like name – buxom

buxom in my bag
face done like unemployed clown
many compliments

forced to wonder if
at thirty-four might need more
than just mascara

might benefit from
make-up lessons and products
not found at Target

10 smart people left their mark:

  1. Amy, 25. July 2008, 9:04

    I think it looks good! I especially like the lip color on you. :)

    Amys last blog post..Haiku Friday

  2. maggies mind, 25. July 2008, 9:27

    Looks nice! I rarely buy make up anywhere, but when I do, it’s from a Target or Target-like store. I also have no idea how to properly apply it, so I’ve been guessing for years. Maybe I will break down and walk into a Macy’s some day to let them show me some things. Fun haiku!

    maggies minds last blog post..Haiku Friday 7/25/08

  3. monica @ transplanting me, 25. July 2008, 9:41

    there’s more to makeup than mascara???

  4. mimi, 25. July 2008, 13:58

    Oooooh, that eyeshadow is lovely. Now I’m jonesing to get myself to Sephora for a makeover ….

    mimis last blog post..My sweetiepooper, my baby girl

  5. Abbey, 25. July 2008, 14:11


    I throughly enjoyed your Haiku!

    My favorite lines were:

    blue like seventh grade


    face done like unemployed clown

    Abbeys last blog post..Hooray for Nerds!

  6. Rachael, 25. July 2008, 16:07

    Ooh, love the eye shadow!

  7. storyteller, 25. July 2008, 17:46

    How fun to get a new look!
    Hugs and blessings,

    storytellers last blog post..HF#59 – Still trying to catch up …

  8. Lynn, 25. July 2008, 17:49

    My big jump recently was buying Lancome anti-wrinkle cream from Nordstroms at $75. ‘Twas hard to look at recent pictures and realize, “Darling, you ain’t what you used to be,” and actually care.

  9. Laura, 25. July 2008, 19:34

    No f***ing way are you writing haikus. For real??? You continue to amaze me. In the most surprising ways….
    BTW—I forwarded this to my sister and she has been reading the blog. Because you are a working mother with time to write, it guilted her into working on her 2 year old untouched scrapbooks, and plan a baseball game trip for the family that I “delegated” to her.

  10. shauna, 25. July 2008, 20:47

    my favorite paragraph–forced to wonder if
    at thirty-four might need more
    than just mascara

    i LOVE that. and no, you do not.


    shaunas last blog got back