If I Tweet and No One Follows Me, Am I a Twit?

I don’t know what Twitter is.

There, I said it.

I mean, I’ve heard of it. And I could maybe BS my way through a conversation about it. Assuming I was talking to the Amish.

I don’t know what Twitter is used for. Would I use my phone for it? Do standard messaging fees apply? What would I say? Who would listen?

KellyGo thinks I should Tweet. She leads a cool kid life and I would like to do that too. But the noise. Oye the noise. Not the noise of my phone (at this point I’m assuming that’s the Twitter device) but the noise in my life.

Would Tweeting bring us closer together or just put more minutia between us? If I Tweet all the interesting bits of my day, what would we talk about over drinks?

When I read something like this, I’m resolved: oh dear NO, I cannot invite that stress into my life. The commitment! Do you see I just signed Elliot up for Karate? How can I fit that AND Twitter into my life?

I know it’s leave-no-man-behind, but you all are going to have to forge ahead on this technology without me. Just don’t roll your eyes when I ask you to tell me about your day even though you already Tweeted about it.

And really, do you do this on your phone?

Also, my resolve is pretty weak – so don’t make too much fun of me when I ask to follow you on Twitter next week.

7 smart people left their mark:

  1. Kristen, 9. July 2008, 8:32

    you have to do it. Because you have nothing better to do than get caught up in the insanity.

    Don’t do it. Seriously. No, you should do it. OK, I don’t know. LOL

  2. Kelsey, 9. July 2008, 8:45

    Its just like mini blogging! You should sign up! Id follow you!

  3. Kelly O, 9. July 2008, 9:26

    I didn’t get it, either, until I just started doing it. Even then I was dubious, until I got the hang of it.

    Twitter is microblogging. I use it when there is something that I want to tell my friends en masse (“Jesse Helms died? May dog have mercy on his cold, fetid soul.”) or remember (“Thea is singing a song she made up: ‘We are the tigers, we are the tigers, hey hey hey!’ Punk rock, like her daddy.”) but it’s not worth a whole blog post. You can text or IM (any day now) tweets, or you can enter them through the website or through a Firefox addon like TwitterFox. You can follow meat friends, blog friends, people who follow you, or some combination. You can have the tweets of the people you follow go to your phone or not, your choice.

    I have about 20 people whose tweets go to my phone, and everyone else I read or not on the website. So I would NEVER let a friend walk down the street by herself late at night, and I probably would skim Bob’s tweets about his syphilitic monkey on the website. … Although, that sounds deeply entertaining. I’d probably have that go to my phone, too. And, to further vacillate, I turn off my twitter notifications — which you do through the website — from 9pm to 8am, so I wouldn’t know my friend was out walking by herself until the next day, and only then if I checked the website.

  4. Anne Z., 9. July 2008, 9:49

    I really liked Twitter when I used it, though I’ve gotten out of the habit. Now I have too many followers that I don’t know. Maybe I will start anew with a different account.

    I don’t get notifications on my phone — that really does feel like noise to me. I just check it out on the web when I’m near the computer.

  5. Pamela, 9. July 2008, 19:37

    It’s a cult, I tell you.

    You wouldn’t have slept with that David Koresh (insert nasty description here) if everyone else was doing it, would you?

  6. Pamela, 9. July 2008, 19:38

    It might be less time consuming to get a bird. All the tweeting, not so much of the fuss?

  7. dirttodish, 18. July 2008, 12:14

    I’ll follow you! And I’d love to tell you how it’s helped my professional career. I tweet under @thiskat (pro) and @dirttodish (blogging).

    dirttodishs last blog post..Extreme Consumerism!