I Was Spotted

Tonight walking through Macy’s a woman says, “Catherine! Pink Asparagus, right?” And in my head I’m “OH MY GAWD … SHE KNOWS ME.” She asks about my pink purse, I whip it out, she shows me shoes to match. And then I warn her that I might scare her and I say out loud what I said in my head.

Turns out I had met her Thursday night.

I gave her a moo card.

I do not have my own personal stalker.


You should go read my new friend, Sara, at MotherProof.com – she reviews cars! how awesome is that?

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. Pamela, 20. July 2008, 18:17

    Those cards are superfab. Hope you’re having tons of fun at BlogHer.

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  2. Miss Grace, 21. July 2008, 11:47

    I got one of those handy Moo cards too, and my I just tell you, your url is the BEST thing I have seen in awhile. Love it. It was great meeting you this weekend, love the blog.

    Miss Graces last blog post..I KNEW I had a legitimate answer that first time around

  3. Sara, 24. July 2008, 11:54

    I’m now a Pink Asparagus addict, you should know. And it has nothing to do with the fact that you have such terrific taste in accessories. Well, maybe SOMETHING to do with it. But just a smudge.