Firefly, Like the Bug

It occurs to me that I don’t know my audience at all. I give you great drink recipes and not a single person is all “hells yeah.” But I give random opinion on someone else’s topic and people are congratulating me.

Weird. I assumed my cult was made up of the habitually inebriated.

Speaking of being habitually inebriated … Joss had the recipe for what sounds like a wonderful concoction. She went so far as to name it Best Drink of Summer (the SO FAR edition).

WINNER, best drink of summer (so far): Golf Club to the Head
Invented by Amy-Go, true friend and cocktail genius, and her husband Kevin.

1 part Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
2 Parts fresh squeezed Lemonade

I dutifully went to the liquor store tonight. I wanted to go yesterday in celebration of Sunday liquor sales becoming a reality in my state, but I accidentally took a 3 hour nap instead. Anyway … I went to the liquor store and stood in the vodka aisle. It was both sides. Filled. Top to bottom with vodka. Now, I don’t know what you do with vodka but I sure as hell don’t normally drink it. My martinis? Dry gin, a little dirty, two olives please.

So I did what any normal person would do – I used lifeline and phoned a friend. And said, “go to Joss’s website and find out what sort of vodka I am supposed to buy.” And he said, “Wha? Huh?” Then I did some spelling. Then he told me “Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, like the bug”. I said, “like the MOVIE.” (Yes people, this IS the excitement that is my marriage.) Thankfully, he let me have the reference even though I am now seeing that it was the TV show, Serenity was the movie. Damnit, I hate it when I suck at cultural references that I should know.

So sad. I live in a giant square state in the middle of the Union that doesn’t have Sweet Tea Vodka. We do, however, have big plans with a senator from Illinois.

4 smart people left their mark:

  1. Kelly O, 8. July 2008, 6:06

    Hells yeah.

  2. Amy, 8. July 2008, 6:50

    I am always up for a good drink. I will be you inebriated audience. Maybe we can special order it!


  3. Pamela, 8. July 2008, 11:11

    Ohmahgah, are you going to Denver? I am so stinky jealous!!! That is, if you’re going. If not, then I’m sympathizing with you because I feel confident there are no booze establishments in WNY that have Sweet Tea Vodka. I think New Yorkers (and by New Yorkers, I do not mean the People From The Big City) pretty much gag at the thought of sweet tea. I know I do.\

    I’m thinking about donating $5 to my boyfriend’s Presidential campaign so that he’ll pick my name out of a hat and give me a free trip to Denver to the convention.

  4. Kelsey, 8. July 2008, 11:19

    H*lls Ya! lol And I just wrote on my blog I didnt curse whooops