Dwell Linens

I am a huge fan of the Dwell Studio line for Target. Well, actually I’m a fan of Dwell Studio. It just so happens I can afford it at Target. And doubly afford it when it’s on CLEARANCE.

I like using cloth napkins. I even let the kids use them. The kids get at least two uses out of a napkin. Let’s be honest here, they’re only using one side to wipe their mugs. And since I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on them I don’t sweat it. If they don’t come quite clean in the wash, well – I just won’t give that one to a guest. But since these are off-white I’ll keep preschooler paws off them for awhile.

We can eat like grown ups on matching placemats that don’t have the alphabet or Sesame Street on them. These, for now at least, will be my fancy company linens. And for 1/2 price! Not that I think my company is only worth $1.99, but that leaves more money in the coffers for the expensive drink.

The scratches on the dining table can be covered with the runner. That right there is saving the cost of a new dining table. Too bad I’ll soon need new dishes to match my clearance linens. What’s the chance I’ll find those on clearance too?

I can’t believe what a grown-up dining room we’ll have. Matching linens. Paint on the wall. Linens coordinate with the drapes. My plan is slowly coming together. Now, if I had only intended it this way from the start …

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  1. Pamela, 10. July 2008, 19:47

    I think we could be twins or something…you know, except for all the obvious reasons why we’re not. We do not even have paper napkins in our house. And now I’m all excited about these pretty napkins you’re plugging here because our Target opens in not that I’ve counted 13 days. The kids are getting sloppy lately, and we needs us some more facerags.

    Hope they come in pink, because that’s how we roll in my kitchen. Yeeeaaah.