Book Queue, Help Me Choose

I realized I’ve already finished a book for the 20-30-50 book challenge! I read Things I Learned About My Dad in Therapy. While great, not sure it should count – it was like reading blogs in book format. Regardless, I read a book with many large words.

After Great Gatsby, I have many books to choose from that I already own. I realize my list looks a little AP English though. Last summer I started down the road of reading the “101 Books to Read Before College”. I didn’t finish. Eh, college let me in anyway. A very long time ago.

What should I read after Great Gatsby?

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  1. melissaz, 12. July 2008, 10:37

    Ok…after GoW, you’ll need something light hearted. So I suggest “Such a Pretty Fat” by Jen Lancaster. Very funny and a really fast read.

    Or “Run” by Ann Patchett.

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  2. Peter Williams, 12. July 2008, 13:43

    As far as Iain Banks goes, I think you should have A Song of Stone (we own it too) higher in your queue than Complicity. Complicity is very good but I think A Song of Stone is even better. Hard to say for sure, though, A Song of Stone was my first Banks book so it possible that I just wax a little nostalgic about it. :)

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  3. Tiffany, 12. July 2008, 15:57

    I think any of those would be good, except for “Reading Lolita in Tehran.” Its a good book, but I would check the “recommended reading” section before reading it. I didn’t follow that suggestion, and I was a little lost in parts. I am going to read it again AFTER I have read the recommended readings.

  4. Pamela, 12. July 2008, 16:22

    I think you should read something by David Sedaris. The man is funny. And wrong. And funny. And maybe swing by the Wal Mart after you hit the library to pick up some Depends. Because you might pee a little.

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  5. Kelsey, 12. July 2008, 20:54

    The girl who stopped swimming is good!

    Did you end up liking the book? I read it and really didnt enjoy it that much! I have read Heathers blog since pretty much the beginning and even her writing wasnt up to what I consider great!

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