50 Book Challenge

When asked about the new Amazon Kindle product, Steve Jobs CEO of Apple computer had this to say:

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore,” he said. “Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

Welcome to the the 50 Book Challenge, where we fly in the face of Steve Jobs.

Basically …. the challenge is to read 50 books in one year. OR … establish a goal for yourself more or less, it’s up to you, just because we say 50 books doesn’t mean that has to be your goal too.

I don’t think I can do 50 books in a year, maybe I can do 20? Should we all join Shelfari’s group or make one of our own? I’m already on Shelfari, so if you are too, friend me. Or link me. Or … I don’t know the Shelfari lingo (crap this is becoming a common theme with me and Web 2.0)

I’m not currently reading anything so I’ll start Great Gatsby this weekend. What will you commit to? I’ll tag my posts “Book Challenge”. How can I follow your progress?

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  1. Tiffany Erickson, 10. July 2008, 19:44

    I could probably do 50 if I try really hard. Are we starting from today? Or just the books we have started reading in 2008? I’m currently reading Middlesex, if anyone wants to join me. I’ve read the Great Gatsby, its one of my all time faves, good choice!

  2. kelsey, 10. July 2008, 19:54

    Great idea I may have to try this! Im reading… absolutely nothing haha

  3. I’m in…who’s with me? : Tiny Tyrant (Pingback), 10. July 2008, 20:08

    [...] Pink Asparagus just gave me a purpose in life, so thanks for that!  Just in case you don’t follow the link, she posted a quote from Steve Jobs basically saying the Amazon Kindle (a reader you can get from Amazon where you can download books right onto it)  will fail because people don’t read anymore.  I would LOVE to prove him wrong and am willing to set aside a large chunk of my time to do it.  Please join us in the 50 Book Challenge, for which we will read 50 books in one year.  The only thing I wasn’t clear on was if we should start from today, or to count the books we have already read this year?  Either way, I wanted to also challenge all of you bloggers to post reviews of the books you are reading (they don’t have to be long, just a star system or a loved it, liked it, hated it kind of thing.)  Also, both pink asparagus and I are on Shelfari, you can join us there for discussions on the book.  I am going to start (if we are starting from today) with Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, mostly because I am already reading it for my book club. [...]

  4. Catherine, 10. July 2008, 21:45

    Let’s backdate to July 1. So whatever you were/are reading counts. Join the Shelfari group, don’t join … but do blog about your books! If there’s enough traction I’ll start another group for us on Shelfari.

    Ready, set, read.

  5. Kelly O, 11. July 2008, 7:10

    I’m game. I haven’t used Shelfari much, since most of my friends are on Goodreads. But I’m always looking for someone to read books with.

    The Great Gatsby: nice choice! I haven’t read it in ages. And Middlesex is one of my all-time favorite books ever.

    Kelly Os last blog post.."I love crabs BANG BANG!"

  6. melissaz, 11. July 2008, 9:55

    I’m not active on Shelfari anymore, but this should bring me back. I’m annoyed at SJ because the iPhone isn’t backward compatible to the powerpc macs and I CAN’T GET ONE!

    I’m not bitter.

    Ok…since July 1. Ok…must add to site now!

    Glad I found you! This site is fun!

    melissazs last blog post..Friday Haiku 7/11/08

  7. Amy, 11. July 2008, 15:11

    OK I am succumbing the peer pressure. I have joined Shelfari. I am confident I can reach the goal of fifty books….Dr. Seuss counts right?

  8. Pink Asparagus » Book Queue, Help Me Choose (Pingback), 12. July 2008, 6:55

    [...] realized I’ve already finished a book for the 20-30-50 book challenge! I read Things I Learned About My Dad in Therapy. While great, not sure it should count – it was [...]

  9. Pink Asparagus » Book Shmook (Pingback), 14. August 2008, 10:08

    [...] I’m starting Sin in the Second City. If anyone dies I might become a statistic. [...]