Inspired or Intimidated?

Maybe time to put on my big girl pants.

Years ago a friend was talking to me about a group of people starting a consulting firm, and I replied, “I have nothing to bring to the table.” He argued, I countered.

Last summer when I decided to go back to work I told a friend, a former co-worker and HR director that I needed to get past that point where I was so giddy that someone would hire me that I would take anything. I think my words to her were, “oh, you like me? You really want to give me a job? Okay! I’ll take it. What’s that? You want me to shovel horse shit? For $2 an hour? OKAY! As long as you really like me.” She tried to talk sense into me. That any corporation would be lucky to have me.

I thought feelings of inadequacy were supposed to be left in high school?

And now Blogher. It looks fantastic. I’m such a fan girl too. As Peter said, “it’s where your peeps are.” (side note: who says “peeps” these days?) Yet …

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  1. Scylla, 3. June 2008, 10:10

    I am so jealous of you!! I want to go but I have to wait for next year.


    Have a drink for me!!