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Inspired or Intimidated?

Maybe time to put on my big girl pants.

Years ago a friend was talking to me about a group of people starting a consulting firm, and I replied, “I have nothing to bring to the table.” He argued, I countered.

Last summer when I decided to go back to work I told a friend, a former co-worker and HR director that I needed to get past that point where I was so giddy that someone would hire me that I would take anything. I think my words to her were, “oh, you like me? You really want to give me a job? Okay! I’ll take it. What’s that? You want me to shovel horse shit? For $2 an hour? OKAY! As long as you really like me.” She tried to talk sense into me. That any corporation would be lucky to have me.

I thought feelings of inadequacy were supposed to be left in high school?

And now Blogher. It looks fantastic. I’m such a fan girl too. As Peter said, “it’s where your peeps are.” (side note: who says “peeps” these days?) Yet …

Sittin’ in a Tree

Life’s a Beach

School Pictures


Audrey Both

Don’t Play with Your Food

Unless it’s still alive and needs to be picked up.

We went to a fantastic crawfish boil at Peter’s cousin’s house. They had (I’m guessing) 40 pounds of crawfish shipped in from Louisiana. Live. Added to the pot o’crawfish were potatoes and corn. Some of the best boiled corn ever. I saw the corn going in, it wasn’t anything special. It must of been the boil spices that made it so spectacular.

And in case you want to host your own crawfish boil I found these handy tips.


Yesterday I was invited to write the first post for our company’s technical team blog. I’m thrilled. I’ve only been with the company for less five months. I think the CTO thought that since I suggested it (championed it, to use some lingo from my grad school days) that it’s the least he could do.

No matter how I landed the gig, it’s a great opportunity to flex my technical writing skills. Because I? I write real good.

Freckle Juice

At dinner a few nights back Elliot and I were talking about his freckles. He LOVES them, went so far as to say he doesn’t want to wear sunscreen so he can have more. I told him his sister would probably get freckles this summer. He was adamant that only HE would be getting freckles this summer.

She will not have them, says Elliot.

She got her first batch yesterday. Slathered in sunscreen and all.

I’m Just a Fan Girl

Peter has a new job. Now he’s a minifig. Not really, he’s Systems Architect. While I was googling his new opportunity I read the founder’s blog.

And saw a picture of him (the founder) dancing. And all I could say was, “OH MY GAWD!! LOOK, do you KNOW WHO THAT IS? Your boss is in a picture with Jon & Heather! Does HE KNOW THEM?” Granted, SXSW is a big thing and there are lots of people in lots of other people’s pictures. But, OH MY GAWD – my husband works for someone that was photographed with the most famous blogger EVER.

Fetch me some smelling salts will ya?

I Tell You Secret

She pulls me close tugging at my hair, buries her nose and mouth in my ear and shouts, “WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE?”

Mommy’s Time Out

Mommy\'s Time OutWhen reading comments on other people’s blogs, I’ll follow links for women that share my name. It doesn’t have to be exact, just similar. I don’t know why I do this, but it’s lead to some great finds.

Thanks to Kat I’ll have the snarkiest birthday gifts for my girlfriends. Who cares if it tastes like swill!? The label is worth it.

But then again, my sense of humor is a little off. I refer to these as mommy’s juice box.


A few months ago I told my friend Amy that I have the perfect business for us. For my birthday I had wanted to have a wine tasting party. I looked for places that host that sort of thing. No luck. Then I went looking for a caterer of sorts that specializes in that. Again, no luck. I decided that Amy and I could do catered wine tasting parties at people’s homes. It would be like a normal catered event with heavy appetizers but also some education about wine. She said we should do it. We only have a few hurdles to cross

  1. We’re not sommeliers
  2. We’re not caterers
  3. We lack funds

This wine renews my interest in my idea. How awesome would it be to have your mom friends over one evening for a fancy-shmancy wine tasting and have this bottle whipped out? I would probably be forced to couple it Road Kill Red.

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