It’s Hard to be Big …

Poor Otter. He’s struggling with being small. Bad news kid, being big isn’t much better. Just ask E.

He’s big enough to know he’s hungry but not big enough to make himself something to eat.

He’s big enough to play at the playground without help but not big enough to go unsupervised.

He’s big enough to want to shower (not take a bath) but not big enough to reliably wash himself.

He’s big enough to color in the lines but not big enough to always remember that walls aren’t for coloring.

He’s big enough to not kiss mommy as he runs off to play but not big enough to console himself when hurt.

This all results in a frustrated kid that can mostly express his frustration verbally.  Except when he can’t. Because he’s not that big, really.

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. Kelsey Smith, 1. May 2008, 15:17

    Oh so sweet and true great post!!

  2. Lynn, 2. May 2008, 16:58

    It’s soooo true….

  3. Scylla, 5. May 2008, 17:17

    Poor E!! Otter wants him to know that he suspects it simply never gets better, except for a brief period of time in the twenties when we can be relatively carefree.