Earth Day

Inspired by my new friend (Hi!),

(we take a break from the blog post to look for relevant photo, please enjoy the hold muzak)

I was planning this post about how during the warm months we hang our clothes on a clothes line (yay! no HOA) and it offsets all the A/C I like to use. Last summer our electricity use actually decreased even though the kids and I were home ALL THE TIME. Also, clothes smell super good when they’re dried outside. If you decide to try this yourself I highly recommend liquid fabric softener. Well, I guess that was the post.

The picture though was super cute. It was A’s two green kitties drying out on the line after a good scrub. But no picture for you. Poor internets, are you sad?

Don’t cry. Here are some pictures of kitties in action.

(hold muzak)

No there aren’t. WP hates me tonight.

Now you can cry.

2 smart people left their mark:

  1. Kelsey Smith, 23. April 2008, 12:00

    Aww I want photos! lol I love hung dry clothes!

  2. CathyC, 23. April 2008, 16:40

    OooOOh, I am tickled that I am your new friend!!!! COOL! I have been thinking of drying one load a week on my drying rack now that the weather is nice for the environment, but I never thought of offsetting the cost of my beloved AC. That makes me SO happy. In my fantasy life I have central AC, just like I did when we lived in the condo, only in my fantasy life I live in a bigger old house with LOTS of charm and nooks and my town is called Sleepy Hollow and we have college professors over for dinner to give lectures…. I could go on.