Dear Joshilyn

Dear Joshilyn,

You are a fantastic author. I loved gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia. I missed my family those weekends, but I couldn’t put your books down. And now you have a new book! I really do plan to read it. I was hoping that I’d get it signed, in person. I have signed copies of your other books, but it’s just not the same. You didn’t get the benefit of my geeking out and gushing while you were signing those books. You know what it’s like, I mean, with your love of Stephen Colbert and all. Right? I mean, I’m not totally off-base here. You’re a fan too.

The big square middle states have fans and other stuff I’m sure you’d enjoy (well, maybe not this one, I don’t really know what’s up there). We’re not just a land of big box bookstores. We have great independent booksellers! Boulder Bookstore in Boulder and Tattered Cover in Denver (I’m sure there are more, I just don’t know of them).

To help illustrate the injustice of it all, I’ve made a little map detailing me (the woman icon) and your tour dates going forward. They’re really not near one another. AT ALL. If you come to Colorado I’ll make faces at you like your friend so you feel welcome.

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See you soon!


PS: This post is inspired, in part, by NaBloPoMo‘s April theme, LETTERS.

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  1. CathyC, 10. April 2008, 17:26

    You crack me up. You know what this means, don’t you? Road trip. Yes, you must.