A Wonderful Gift

It’s the thought that counts.


This is the first year that my son is old enough to draw a picture that other people can recognize. For my birthday he drew a picture of our family, including our new dog. I thought the picture was wonderful (I’m his #1 fan).

And that’s the story of how a gift goes right.

The same gift went wrong too.

There’s a little yellow line connecting the dog to the ground. And while Banjo is a buff colored Cockapoo, that yellow stream is pee. My happy birthday picture is of the dog peeing.

I just noticed, I’m the only one that was bestowed arms.

birthday drawing

This post inspired by PBN and Get In Her Head.

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 18. April 2008, 16:21


    The Minion made me a card once when I had a stomach virus. On the front was a side view drawing of me kneeling in front of the toilet. Upon opening it there is a upclose ( imagine the view from the raised lid ) drawing of my stick figure mouth projectile vomiting. With the caption of “YUK!”. He even took the time to use a heart shaped paper-punch to decorate the edges. I have it hanging on my corkboard at work.

    Personally, I think you got off easy.

  2. Kelsey Smith, 20. April 2008, 17:29

    BAHAH! That is too funny!!

  3. daay, 2. May 2008, 8:52

    I bet you got arms for hugging!

    You wouldn’t be able to do that without arms!