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  1. Morgan, 18. March 2008, 14:04

    E: Noooooo! Why did you dress me this way?
    A: You mean my hair is going to STAY this color?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Tiffany, 18. March 2008, 17:23

    E: This is a smoking deal on that car, trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you!
    A: I swear, Mommy, the spider was so big it was wearing pants and a hat!

  3. Gary, 18. March 2008, 17:36

    Her face is the EXACT same face you made at my wedding. I know this because I have the picture on my wall. I am going to bring it in and scan it and send it if you promise to put it up on this blog. It’s too uncanny to not post.

    In my defense, I had just ridden a train for days and was pregnant. Is that enough of a disclaimer? If that pic finds its way to my inbox, it’ll get posted.

  4. Lynn, 19. March 2008, 17:28

    e: Heeeeeeerrrrre’s Elliot! (from the shining)
    a: I can’t believe you painted my room this color!!! I SAID I wanted seashore blue! Not THIS blue!

  5. Laura, 20. March 2008, 8:32

    E:I’m one WILD and CRAZY guy!!!!! (said in a bad czech accent)

    A:What do you mean I can’t vote in this election???

  6. tuney, 7. April 2008, 10:42

    A: Milk comes from WHAT part of the cow?!?