The Orange Trike

dscn2243.JPGWhen E was 1 1/2 I decided it was time to get him a bike. Every barely walking toddler needs a bike right? I spent a lot of time comparing, contrasting and shopping around for the best price. I wanted a trike that would last through more than one kid. Did I want a push bar? Did the bike need a bucket for hauling stuff? The time I spent online looking for the perfect trike you would have thought I was planning a wedding. Then I found the perfect trike. It was bright, bold, gender neutral colors. The frame was adjustable for a growing child. AND! It would take a second seat so when E got a little brother they could ride around together on a shared trike. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? E and his little brother on a tandem trike, little best friends. (After I found out that E was a boy I assumed I would only have boys. Peter is one of three boys and his older brother has two sons.)


The bike arrived on my birthday. I only remember that because it was at that moment I realized that all celebrations would inevitably be about kids. I put the trike together that afternoon. E scooted around on our patio immediately. I loved the trike from the moment little E sat on it. He grinned from ear to ear.

I found a little grainy video that must be from the night E first peddled repeatedly on his own. He loved it. I wonder if being able to ride your bike is the first sense of freedom. He could go so fast.

I thought he would ride that trike for years. When we moved E was 2 1/2 and very proficient at trike riding. The boys on our block are all (at least) a year older than E and all had two-wheelers. Luckily we were the recipients of a gently used two-wheeler with training wheels. Sadly, the orange trike went into the garage (it was a baby bike according to a wise 3 year-old E). It sat there waiting for E’s little sister (I really was surprised to find out she was a girl. Honestly, I was expecting a second boy). I’ve pulled it out every so often hoping her legs were long enough, that she has the dexterity to peddle. And finally, this weekend she peddled. Happily. For about an hour. The orange trike has found a new owner. It’s been given its second life as I had hoped.

I’m going to miss the orange trike when it’s time for A to move on to a two-wheeler.


Even though E is wearing a helmet in only 1 of 4 pictures, he does wear it all the time now. I’m sure I had good excuses in the past like he couldn’t actually peddle and he was in the back yard.

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  1. halimah, 31. March 2008, 16:51

    Awwww….The Minion had a blue trike. And I have no idea what became of it. The children are so cute – A looks so pleased with herself. E has really matured – it’s amazing when you look at pictures that are only a few years apart – how much they change.

    I finally had a half a second and posted on my blog. God knows when it will happen again.

  2. CathyC, 10. April 2008, 17:24

    That is one gnarly bike. Thank goodness it found a new owner. But what about the second seat? What if she has a friend over? You need to think about this ;)