We went for a short (~2 miles) natural walk (not sure it qualified as a hike as there was little incline) in Boulder County starting at Marshall Trailhead. It started out a little chilly and windy. By the time we sat down on an outcropping of rocks to have our lunch it was very pleasant. A started getting a little tired. One can see how being carried around would be exhausting.


We brought the males of our household too.


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  1. halimah, 10. March 2008, 16:32

    I cannot wait to be able to hike again. We’re almost there with the melt – well, the mud is coming, but aside from that…

    Mud season – awesome. There’ll be pictures – right?

  2. Tiffany, 14. March 2008, 20:19

    Ok, so I was bored on a Friday night and started to follow blog links and found your blog. All I gotta say is, “Damn, Audrey looks just like you!” I haven’t seen her since she was a wee little baby, but she is your itty bitty double!