School Shopping

I’ve been planning this great post about my shoes. It was going to have pictures and everything. But instead, I’m going to tell you about school shopping. Or at least tell you that I am.

It’s an interesting tidbit that the city & county I live in overlays four school districts. Also, in Colorado each school district sets its own kindergarten cut-off date. This is the date kids must be 5 to attend kindergarten in the Fall. In my district, it’s September 15. Our old house across town was in another school district with a September 30 cutoff.

E’s birthday is in September, but in the second half. If we had remained in our old house we would have had to choose whether or not to hold E back. Willingly holding your eligible child back is commonly referred to as academic redshirting or kindergarten redshirting.

I’m relieved that the decision is out of our hands. In our district there are no tests E can take, no waivers to apply for to get into kindergarten early. Someone also pointed out to me, that if I could get E into kindergarten this year I would be sending my 17 year old off to college. And that sounded so young. It allowed me to look at it in the big picture. Yeah, he’ll turn six in the first month of kindergarten. Will he be the oldest kid there? Doubtful. There’ll be all the other kids that just barely miss the cut-off and all the kids whose parents willingly held them back.

With all this back-story, WHY!? am I school shopping now for the 2009-2010 school year? Well … I’m hyper anal retentive a planner and we have lots of different sorts of schools in our district. We have charter schools, magnet schools, gifted and talented schools, regular schools and one called an “options” school. Fortunately, our neighborhood school is great. It scores well on state tests (not that I honestly care that much about that – I survived just fine without NCLB) and is home to the district’s deaf and hard of hearing program. I called the school today to ask when enrollment starts. Yes, today. But as it turns out, it’s not all uncalled for. If we want full-day kindergarten I have to register E the FIRST day available next year. The class fills the FIRST DAY. An extra cool thing about that school: we can request that E be in the class with the main-streamed deaf/hard of hearing (I started to write hearing challenged, but then realized that described most kids) kids. There’s a sign language interpretor in this class. All the other schools that we might be interested in? Hell, I don’t know – one has a wait list (added names just in case), one has a lottery. The G&T school requires an IQ test. Of course I think my kid is a genius, but does he need to hang out with similarly minded geeks smarties?

At least starting now I have plenty of time to procrastinate without it actually impacting E’s education.

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  1. Jen M, 30. January 2008, 8:44

    But you have to post the shoe pictures! You just have to!