Republicans Are FUNNY – Who Knew?

“Representative Paul, the next question is about electability. DO YOU HAVE ANY?”

OMG – that is good stuff there.
If I had known the Republican Debates are stand-up comedy I might actually have tuned in have flipped by more purposely. Nah. Who are we kidding … Hillary is my girl, sadly she may not be our president, but for now – she’s my girl.

2 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 12. January 2008, 6:50

    I’ll be happy with Hillary or Obama – even better the combination of the two. VT doesn’t have a primary – I’d have a hard time in the booth if we did.

  2. Kelly O, 15. January 2008, 20:36

    Hillary’s my girl, too, whether she becomes president or not. I kind of feel like she’s taking one for the team, and no matter what I’ll always love her for getting this far.