Dear MGM

Congratulations, you’re having a boy! My gift to you: everything I know about raising boys – as told through witty anecdotes dribble.

When I was pregnant with E, my first, I was told how different boys and girls are. And I was all “well just because you raised your children with societal stereo-types doesn’t mean I will” – all in my head of course. My internal monologue dialogue is very active. E’s first bike was pink. And, oddly, I really struggled with whether or not to purchase it. Finally, I realized I would buy the blue for a girl, why shouldn’t my boy have pink. Already I was falling into society’s trap. I did however, love that E would take his purse with him when he rode away.

Fast forward many years, E’s little sister gets a Little Pony for her 2nd birthday. E pours over the marketing collateral in the box and chooses one he’d like for his birthday. I dutifully order it and it arrived nearly a month late. But he didn’t forget. And when Christmas rolled around and A received more ponies E was heartbroken. He really wanted one. Finally, we had cause for reward and he chose a white, glittery, pink haired flying pony. He loves her. She also has to do battle with TIE fighters.

I wouldn’t say E is “all boy.” But there is no mistaking that he is different than his sister. He’s much more physical; he must be running ALL. THE. TIME. His sister? She’s more of a saunterer. Boys are wonderful. And exhausting.

Oh yeah, some actual advice: when potty training, teach him sitting down. You’ll have less mess.