Alternatively titled: What I’ve Been Up To and Not Blogging. I know, I know – you’ve been missing sleep worrying about this. I’m here to help. Favorite brother-in-law came in for New Year’s. We were so excited we spread our merriment over two nights. TWO. We really whooped it up. I think I was in bed by 11pm on 12/30 and 12/31.

We went and saw the Baby Jesus on the steps of the City & County building. I too would think that it’s a violation of the separation of church and state. But maybe since they have Santa and snowmen too it evens out?

We took a carriage ride pulled by a horse named “Tiger.” That totally threw A for a loop. It’s a HORSE. No, it’s Tiger. Yeah – that hilarity never ended.

And then on NYE we watched STAR WARS. Because we know how to PAR-TAY. And, because E told me he thinks about it all the time. How one thinks about something they know nothing about, I don’t know. It must be very different than talking about something one knows nothing about though, because I witness that a fair amount.

Good thing Uncle Joshua was here to identify all the different ships and such. A is prepared for the movie to be scary, as evidenced by TWO green kitties.

And then, for posterity’s sake, we took some more pictures.

Go to bed now. You’ve been waiting days for this information. You’re exhausted.

PS: Happy belated New Year to YOU!