Sickening McPlayPlace

Peter is sick so we all came home early today (we carpool). I let the kids watch Monsters Inc so I could get some work done. Then we took cookies to a neighbor. Then we went to Barnes and Noble to play with their trains. Somehow the broken-down, germ-laden trains at the book store are so much better than the working, clean trains at our house. Then we needed dinner and entertainment – so off to McDonald’s. All was well until I showed A how she could use the openings in the climbing structure as extra little steps to climb all the way to the top. There she was, at the top, shouting “I did it.” I replied, “go down the slide.” She said, “No. I scared.” So I sent E up there to show her the way. Down the slide he comes, sans A. I send him up again, telling him to hold her hand and slide down with her. Then there’s crying. Then I find myself in the structure climbing up. I reach the top and A tells me to hold her on the slide. Bad idea – I get motion sick pretty easily. I had no idea the slide was a tubular corkscrew. We reach the bottom and she was so proud of me, “Yay! You did it! Again?” I’m still a little nauseous. How do kids ride that slide over and over again with a gut full of chicken nuggets?

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  1. Oh, The Joys, 12. December 2007, 10:09

    I hate the intra-mom dynamics at the book store trains sometimes though! Ugh.

  2. halimah, 13. December 2007, 15:09