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Merry Christmas

Some Trimming


J tells the nicest stories about her family. And poignantly talks about the still ravaged Gulf Coast. If you already read her, then you are indeed a cool kid. If not, well now is your chance to jump on the band wagon.

She’s honestly talented. And sentimental. I suggest having some tissues ready if you’re going to read this or this.

Every Kid’s Dream

Or at least mine as a child.

I loved having our cats sleep in my bed when I was a kid. I recall (much to my mother’s horror, if she knew) stuffing the cat in my bed under the blankets before going to bed. He was a big cat. He made the foot area of bed warm for me. E has been asking when George will sleep in his bed all night; maybe when he’s five? George likes to nap in E’s bed during the day because the sun shines into the south-facing room and straight on to the bed for most of the day. Usually George clears out as soon as he sees E headed to bed. But on this particular night George stayed in the bed. Even after E fell asleep.

I love that E sleeps through the flash going off (repeatedly).

Brisk Winter Morning

It’s Official, I’m Her Mom

I don’t often think my kids look like me. Most of the time I think that the only reason people assume she’s mine is because of the hair. But then a picture like this comes along and I see the resemblance other people claim to see. And I think, poor baby. I also think – good gawd man, is my forehead really that tall?

Thanks to the budding photographer E for this picture!

Sickening McPlayPlace

Peter is sick so we all came home early today (we carpool). I let the kids watch Monsters Inc so I could get some work done. Then we took cookies to a neighbor. Then we went to Barnes and Noble to play with their trains. Somehow the broken-down, germ-laden trains at the book store are so much better than the working, clean trains at our house. Then we needed dinner and entertainment – so off to McDonald’s. All was well until I showed A how she could use the openings in the climbing structure as extra little steps to climb all the way to the top. There she was, at the top, shouting “I did it.” I replied, “go down the slide.” She said, “No. I scared.” So I sent E up there to show her the way. Down the slide he comes, sans A. I send him up again, telling him to hold her hand and slide down with her. Then there’s crying. Then I find myself in the structure climbing up. I reach the top and A tells me to hold her on the slide. Bad idea – I get motion sick pretty easily. I had no idea the slide was a tubular corkscrew. We reach the bottom and she was so proud of me, “Yay! You did it! Again?” I’m still a little nauseous. How do kids ride that slide over and over again with a gut full of chicken nuggets?


We saw Santa. And there were no tears. No smiles, but NO tears. Kids WILLINGLY wore their matching snowman shirts and Santa hats.

Tree Envy

This year we cut down our own Christmas near Buffalo Creek with a permit from USDA Forest Service. It’s part of their tree clearing program. Buffalo Creek is infamous as the site of a major fire and flood in 1996. The burn area is immense, and if you’re not expecting it, shocking when you round the corner.

Our tree, before being cut down. And yes, those are normal sized children.

Peter & Elliot dragging our tree toward our car. A little gnome is following them.

Elliot hanging ornaments on the tree.

The tree, after having some of the bottom cut off, is 14 1/2 feet tall!