Pumpkin Muffins

Ingredients for chocolate pumpkin muffins:

Mix pumpkin (not pie mix) with cake mix. The mix will look a little dry, it’s not. Follow baking instructions on cake mix box. Your muffins will not have smooth tops. Or at least mine didn’t. While lumpy on top they were smooth and moist on the inside. I would have taken a picture of them but didn’t want to risk having my hand bitten by ravenous children.

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 3. December 2007, 4:35

    i may be able to pull this one off! i used to bake from scratch when i was newly married and feeling all Suzie Homemakery. funny how that gets chipped away over the years…lol! a minimal ingredient recipe is a lovely thing nowadays.

  2. Rachel, 6. December 2007, 8:33

    sounds great! What an easy recipe. do you add the eggs and oil as directed?
    I will have to give it a try.

  3. Catherine, 6. December 2007, 13:46

    No oil or eggs, just cake mix & pumpkin – bake at the directed temperature and time.