Like a Drive-By

We have counters in the kitchen again. Too bad the appliances will soon be in the dining room. Sub-floor looks better then the filthy carpet that was in the family room. Our kids are going to totally wipe-out on the hard wood floors after they’re installed. One supposes it’ll only happen once. I’m not that one.

Audrey would rather sleep in our bed or on the floor in her room. I fail to see what is wrong with her bed.

Work, not so much fun. And that’s all we’ll say about that.

Some people moved back to CO and I’m totally psyched. Too bad our house is a construction zone, otherwise I would help unpack. And by help, I mean watch. And by unpack, I mean pour the wine. Welcome home Whitney Family. We missed you.

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  1. Amy, 16. November 2007, 19:41

    Yeah – I have internet and a home phone again. We are glad to be back as well. Lets get together soon!