Coffee Shop Deer

Here’s a post I started a long time ago. And then it was summer and not nearly as funny.

I buy my kids’ clothes a year ahead. I like getting deals. I like my clear bins. I like my label maker. I like the sense of accomplishment that knowing my kids are clothed next year, even though I don’t know what they’ll eat for dinner tomorrow, brings.

Last year I bought this sweater for E for this winter. He saw it and was so excited that it had the “coffee shop deer” on it. It took me a minute but then I realized, we were spending too much time at Caribou Coffee.


caribou coffee

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  1. halimah, 30. October 2007, 3:47

    i love it! i wish The Minion would consent to wear something like that now…but he’s 10. i did find a bag of hand-me-downs in his closet last night that i’d forgotten about – and things finally fit him. always a bonus.

  2. Rachel, 7. November 2007, 21:53

    not really a response to your post, although, it’s so cute. the sweater–and the coffee. mmmmm.

    So sorry to hear about Lee’s loss. My thoughts are with him. What a difficult thing. Thanks for your comment about my mom, too. What nice memories.

  3. kari & kijsa, 7. November 2007, 22:29

    Teeheee– This made us smile! We shop differently- one sister buys clothes way ahead, and one buys on the spur of the moment. So far, our kids haven’t referenced any clothing images to diet coke..yet….!!

    kari & kijsa