Chili Cook-Off

Hey! I’m in a chili cook-off, because there are t-shirts! There are two categories: “regular” (red with or without beans) and “other.” Other can be chicken or green or anything not red. I was thinking pork green chili with pork ribs instead of cubes. How could ribs not push me into the winner’s circle? But then I remembered that I haven’t made green chili in years. No matter, that didn’t keep me from talking smack. Anyway, I have a crockpot. And the competition is noon on Friday. So, help a sister out and tell me your favorite recipes. I’m open to anything that’s tasty and crockpotable. I’ll remember to thank you in my winner’s speech.

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  1. Scylla, 9. October 2007, 13:11

    I personally have never made chili, but you should call Devon, he has been perfecting a pulled pork green chile chili that is absolutely delicious!