Better to Give Than to Receive

Wow, I’m already reading posts about Christmas! Did I sleep through Halloween and Thanksgiving?

I really enjoy gift shopping for other people. I love to find the thing that speaks to me about that person, the thing that they’ll love and would never get for themselves. Am I always successful? Hardly. Do I spend an obscene amount of time searching and contemplating? Absolutely. And yet. Every year I get fed up. Frustrated. Vow that this is the last year that I’m shopping for anyone. I get too emotionally involved in the gift giving.

When we got married someone told us they didn’t buy us a gift because we didn’t tell them what to buy. Granted, we didn’t register. We weren’t setting up a new house. And, honestly, anything we would have registered for would have been price prohibitive for all sane people (see Le Creuset). But really? You didn’t purchase a gift BECAUSE we didn’t instruct you what to buy?

That sentiment gets my knickers in a knot. Buy a gift, don’t buy a gift, whatever. But do it because you want to, not because you have to.

This year, brother-in-law was tasked with convincing all adults in the family that we want to do a gift exchange. It gets us out of the rut of having a checklist of people and buying something, anything to fulfill our list. I’m glad to say he was successful. I am excited. Now, each of us can focus on one other person. We can find the gift. And me? I’ve already started my online browsing.

3 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 18. October 2007, 4:58

    The Minion is re-writing his Santa list even as I type. The first of many revisions I’m sure. The S.O is a nightmare to buy for, socks and underwear are a given..but anything “nice” …it’s a real pain.

  2. Scylla, 18. October 2007, 16:46

    I waffle between buying unique and individualized gifts, or making one unique general gift, such as hand painted canvas grocery bags.

    I think I prefer the latter, I am too tired to get personal with everyone I love and too poor to do a credible job at it.

  3. Catherine, 18. October 2007, 19:39

    Hand painted grocery bags, how great is that? You know that everyone eats. And, I assume, everyone close to you is getting greener. In my mind, you’ve found the perfect cross section. Something you know people will use, something they wouldn’t buy themselves (they can’t, because they’re hand painted) and something that shows you honestly care (again the hand painting).