Tough Trucks and Sparkly Ponies

Oh Hasbro, how you disappoint me. I thought that we were past the point where there were “boy” and “girl” toys. Or at least that the marketing wasn’t so blatant.
big boy

We have the truck in this ad. Audrey received it as a Christmas present. Since its built for boyhood will she grow boy parts when she plays with it?

On My Little Pony’s website (also a Hasbro product):

little pony

Audrey received a Pony for her birthday and Elliot was so excited. Now she has two! She can share! They can play together! Then he spent much of that weekend poring over the Pony catalog that came in the box choosing which one Audrey could get him for his birthday.

I don’t think I’m some sort of uber-enlightened parent that has managed to raise children with no gender identification. But I don’t want either kid to be embarassed about playing with toys they like. Regardless of the color and number of wheels.

This is such a buzz-kill. I like these toys, I just hate their marketing tact.

4 smart people left their mark:

  1. Anne Z., 25. September 2007, 15:08

    It’s sad, because everyone should be able to play with glittery ponies. Pinkie Pie, Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash and those adorable Breezies (the little ones with wings): why not for girls and boys alike?

    Can you tell we’re big on ponies around here? My four-year-old girl pores over the pony catalog like Elliot did. My son would have when he was four too, but at eleven, that sort of feeling has been all peer-pressured out.

  2. halimah, 25. September 2007, 15:12

    I bought The Minion a boy and girl set of baby dolls when he was 2. He begged for them. He played with Blue Baby and Pink Baby for years, until he decided to give them to the daughter of a friend. They even spent time in the back of his trucks out in the sandbox. I’d forgotten all about those dolls.

  3. Lainey-Paney, 25. September 2007, 20:47

    Write a letter. I’m a FIRM believer in the power of the written word.
    when I get great customer service—someone gets a letter.
    When something sucks—someone gets a letter.

    …even if my ONE letter doesn’t make a difference…it makes me feel better, and if multiple people make the same remarks, I believe it will make an impression.

    …and just think: you know that they are basing that on thousands of dollars of market research….not giving much consideration to the scores of parents out in the world not wanting their kids to have to conform to societal norms or expectations….

  4. Amy W, 26. September 2007, 12:57

    I really, really don’t like the Ponies. They scare me. Maybe because I saw them live a few weeks ago…