It’s bound to come out. An other has threatened to out me. So, I want you to hear it from me first. I returned to the salt mines. Six months ago I honestly thought I would be a SAHM. It didn’t work for our family. I returned to the paid work-force. No mommy-wars here.

And it’s been freakin fantastic!

Except for the part where Audrey starts whimpering blocks away from daycare. But then Elliot says, “Audrey I have to tell you something. Stop crying, I need to tell you something. Are you listening? We go to school every day except Saturdays, birthdays and Saturdays.”

They’re both doing great at school. Leaving them is a little rough; picking them up is great. The teachers love both kids, but what’s not to love? And the most obvious change? They’re nice to each other again! I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Yesterday I was collecting Elliot’s school papers and saw a painting of our family. I told Elliot it was beautiful! I think he was proud that I knew what it was. He asked me, “You really love it?” It was so sweet. Then he started down the road of it not being that great and Audrey doesn’t really have a face and that he didn’t do that good of a job. It made me sad. I convinced him that the picture was wonderful and to prove it I would take it to work.

Oh yeah. That place where I spend my day is pretty great too. But it’s definitely cutting into my blog reading. My reader is very, very full.

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  1. halimah, 8. September 2007, 6:20

    No mommy wars here either. I am a SAHM for 5 months out of the year and work the rest of the time. I’m always ready to make the switch back and forth. It’s the best of both worlds.

  2. halimah, 9. September 2007, 13:38

    i’m back. ok. this has nothing to do with this entry…but i just went back to the other post and read part of your hub’s blog. i think my brain is bleeding…i didn’t understand a freaking word. what are rails? is he speaking in tongues or am i reading in tongues? have i finally gone insane?

  3. Catherine, 10. September 2007, 8:15


    He’s a software engineer, most specifically a Rails programmer. Sometimes he blogs family and sometimes tech. I skip the tech posts :)

  4. halimah, 10. September 2007, 15:14

    i thought so. my S.O speaks and understands that language as well. and i don’t pay