Learning Geography Through Marriage

Miss Zoot thoughtfully and articulately came to Miss South Carolina’s defense over her inability to answer why a fifth of Americans could not locate the United States on a world map. The statistics made me feel a little less inadequate about my own geography short-comings.

The first time I went to meet Peter’s family I flew into New Orleans and Peter met me at the airport. As we exited the airport I got on I-10 West. Peter asked me where I was going. I answered, “Alabama” with an implied “duh.” To which he replied, “Alabama is to the east.” I actually argued with him. But no, really, Alabama is east of Louisiana. Mississippi is in between.

My knowledge of Southern geography has drastically improved since we got married.

5 smart people left their mark:

  1. halimah, 4. September 2007, 17:32

    lol! I’ve heard that some people think my state of Vermont is actually part of Canada.

  2. Amy, 5. September 2007, 16:49

    Now that I live on the east coast I have to constantly remind myself that the ocean is east…not west of me. Growing up in Colorado, California (the ocean) was always west.

  3. Amy W, 6. September 2007, 11:14

    I still have problems with east and west…

  4. Emily/ Five Flowers, 7. September 2007, 8:55

    That’s what I love about road trips- when you drive somewhere, you really get a sense of place and where you are.

  5. Joy, 7. September 2007, 12:14

    OK, this is funny! I guess you can take the girl out of the West but you can’t take the (inclination to go) West out of the girl…