Elliot Turns Four

The festivities started early, before 6am. Audrey shouted from her crib that her shirt was wet. Her diaper had not been up to the job of containing the contents of her bowels. The liquid mess was on her shirt, her pants, her sheets and her. After a thorough scrubbing and my gag-reflexes kicking in we retired to our bed. At 7am Elliot came into our room and declared that it was his birthday. And that he had thrown up on our floor. I celebrated by calling all our friends. And letting them know that the fire station birthday party was canceled.

My morning was rounded out by poop & barf laundry and steam cleaning of earlier vomit incidents.

In case Audrey’s birthday didn’t convince you, we totally know how to celebrate birthdays at our house.

4 smart people left their mark:

  1. mp, 22. September 2007, 17:49

    happy barf-day!

  2. halimah, 23. September 2007, 6:10

    omg. it’s bad karma b-day fest. was Peter’s birthday singe, sting and bodily function free at least. do you plan on letting yours pass by quietly, speaking of it in whispered tones lest the dark forces tune in yet again?

  3. Amy, 23. September 2007, 12:56

    I am so sorry! Hope the kids are feeling better!

  4. Lainey-Paney, 25. September 2007, 20:50

    We almost had to cancel Gage’s birthday this year too! Gage had hives. They thought at first that it might have been chickenpox or measles….but, luckily—it was just hives.

    …I’m sorry your son’s b-day started out so….gross.